February 07, 2009



Words are trying to phrase themselves right

But there's a backspace-a mind's blight

Something is crying out from the soul's inner reach

trying to break free and from the layers- breach.

What are those letters-falling random-trying to say?

They seem to make no sense- arranged whichever way!

I know there's some point- a sort of full stop

when put right in its place, a meaning would crop.

But semi-colons, commas and horrifying hyphens

Are all that dance merrily from between the sentence

Honestly it is a mere jumble, a play of random words

flitting aimlessly, jabbering like wild birds

Give me my full stop and the power of grammar

To teach them some sense, some values and order.

I want not anymore this vague mumbo-jumbo

A reason behind it all- you better quickly show!

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall