February 07, 2009

Dear Love,

I wonder if you exist. Well, people claim you do and talk about how fabulous you really are, and how wonderful you make people feel! However, I am not, and never have been, a recipient of your kindness.

Once again, it is that time of the year when the world is painted with a graffiti of fat red hearts and where there is-what seems to us perennially-single as- an annoyingly happy air around.

What I wish to know is, why are you selective with your doses? It is not like I'm in a hurry. But I'm just, for want of a better word, curious about what the hell you are about!

You seem to make people forget the existence of others, you make people think the world belongs to just them and their beloved and you make them do such outright crazy things!

I wonder if you have even written a chapter in my life. When luck and happiness were taking turns to put pen on my pages, when sadness-once in a while-added little footnotes, did you ever manage to grab the pen and ink every page with a little lovely paragraph on your own?

I guess I shall never really find out till what everyone terms 'the moment'. Wonder if life has it or not.

But well, in this long journey, we have nothing else to do but wait for a few things.

I shall- if not to find out when, to find out who?


The Dreamy Dryad


Sandhya writes...

The Dreamy Dryad is, as always, a hopeless romantic. Sensible sane me knows better than to go behind such one-day celebrations of love. Love does exist and maybe will have her own chapter written in my life somewhere. I, as such have no curiosity and all the time! :)

But, let me humour The Dreamy Dryad and publish this for old times' bonding and forever-optimism.

And to all of you love-struck, happy happy people- Happy Valentine's Day!

And to the rest of you single ones out there- Happy Valentine's Day! Today may not be, but tomorrow is yet to come! ;)

And to the true spirit of love- for everyone that forms this bright beautiful world- Love you all! :) Celebrate!!! :)

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Satish N said...

Normal man celebrates this as Valentine's day and how will carpenter's celebrate this day ? May be they wud call this as "Turpuntine Day" is it ? :)

Anyways, you too wait for THE day to come into your life and you will never know when it came, once it enters in you.


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