January 05, 2009

There are days...

Yeah.. there are some days when you KNOW your blog will make you smile happily. Like now. I don't really have anything particular to write about. I mean there are heaps of stuff I COULD write about. But it is, as is wont to happen, pretty difficult to word things as random as randomness! :P

I really badly need a relaxing break- no phones, no computers(or occasional indulgence to it) and a trip to some untrod land! I think I'm getting one soon. But ah well... I'm going for a case study. So it is not really relaxing!

Whatever! Painting is such a relaxing art, really. These days I paint so much and it's like the best stress-buster for me.

well, I really lost track of what I was about to say! :P

and so I'd rather not blabber any more.

God.. this was SOOO random! :P

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Vani Viswanathan said...

The randomness has caught on, eh? Thank me for randomly introducing you into the random world of random.

Yup, I'll stop here :P

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