November 02, 2008

To Aamir

It really feels great to know that TZP was appreciated so much at the IDA (International Dyslexia Association). Firstly, it feels fantastic that an international audience is able to connect with an Indian film. After considering that our films are just basically on a higher entertainment value and lower on content, FINALLY, we've got some appreciation from an intelligent audience about a movie, relevant to their lives.

Secondly, the entire team of TZP deserves it. Taare Zameen Par, along with Anbe Sivam happen to be my most favourite movie in all times! And it thrills me to bits to see it get this recognition. The effort that every person has put in shows in every frame. he movie makes me bawl every time I watch it. Incidentally, aren't movies that make you cry the ones that stay with you forever and the ones that have a deep emotional connection with you?! TZP is enough to lift my spirits and make me feel renewed in my faith in humanity! :)

Lastly, for Aamir- the man who, with Darsheel, was the face of the film. He, who has popularized it, who made it be known and heard in every nook and cranny.


Speaking about Aamir, I am a BIG fan of his blog. In fact, the only blog I read these days is his and I find SO much simplicity and humility in him! I admire him and his writing for the convictions they stand for, the kind of truth they associate themselves with.

I've always loved Aamir. But his meteoric rise as a thinking actor, in recent times is what made me so passionate about his movie and his ideas and opinions about films.

You know there are always a certain bunch of people whom you admire forever in life. Aamir, is one of them. Being an aspiring movie maker, I really wish I could hear him speak. I cannot curse myself enough for missing him at the Gollapudi Srinivas Awards!

I was just reading his 'Sleepless in Seattle' post in his blog and as usual, the impulsiveness in me shot forth and made me write this!

Ah Aamir... wish I could meet you and tell you HOW wonderful TZP is. I know zillions of others have told you that very same stale dialogue. But somehow, I STILL want to add my voice to the din! The movie means SO much to me! :)


Dake said...


You got your audience. Aamir has read it.

Hey, Your brief summary about Me.. excellent. you got style girl...


Anonymous said...

Hi Sandhya...
A very b'ful post i must say.. ws juz surfin thru aamir's blog n found ur link!

Plus, ur about ME is perky, bubbly n fabulous!
Keep writing...
tk care

Anonymous said...

I discover the link to your blog on Aamir blog.
I just want to tell you that you show him with sweets words, and passion, all I feel about him and his work.
I can' write as well as you (perhaps in french) but you show him the tribute that all his fans want to give him and that he merites.

Thanks for these words from your heart.

God bless you...
Auore (Auroredark on Aamir blog)

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