November 13, 2008


Today is such a nice gray day. Not the gray of gloominess but the gray of glad. A kind of lazy happiness has fallen over the world and had it not been for an exam tomorrow, I'd have cuddled up with a nice book in a cozy corner near the window with a steaming hot cup of tea and let my soul wander all over!

But as is wont to happen, I have an exam, I am expected to study one whole chapter in the span of the next ten minutes and my mind and soul are rebelling capture ad seeking to flee!

That moderate pregnant bulge in the gray clouds happily promises at least a drizzle and that dry, yet occasionally chilly blast of wind just pampers it more.

Hopes and dreams seem to take wing once again. Till yesterday all the angel flaps seemed frayed and darned-over a million times- ugly patches of cloth covering the gaping gashes in the wispy wings. But today, somehow, someway, they seem miraculously whole and filmy and as magical as they are meant to be!

It just takes some dreamy faraway storm clouds to wash the soul. Sometimes, even before it rains!


Nithya said...


I can empathise with you dear Dryad. I have an exam to study for, today.Now. And as always dreams overpower the urge to cram.

bits.pankaj said...

Hey, sorry for just dropping by! But I really liked your blog..especially the thoughts hidden beneath which are being surrected appropriately by ur penning style..

And I know that feeling too..before exams when the weather has to be awesome! its like a call from God and him testing ur endurance while studying when there is so much more you can do!

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