July 22, 2008

Ramblings of an over thoughtful analytical mind!

so many wants...
so many dreams...
wish i could turn back time!
and show myself how things could be done better!

wish I could erase some memories
not the bitter horrible ones
but the absolutely perfect sweet ones
which haunt me
reminding me of better times
...a better existence
a life where things happened
stagnation was non-existent
in fact- obsolete!

Those sweet memories
of fulfilled dreams
of cherishable times
of pink blue green lights
rainbow ends
and starburst skies

whither has gone my moonbeam?
to make everyday and night a wonder to live through
the pink glasses- come back again!
to make me love this life as before!


One day the weight of expectations will sink in you... and you find that you don't have it in you to carry the load!

Burnt memories flash as embers,
forgotten dreams smirk,
killed hopes haunt you as ghosts
nd you want to cry and drown them all...
and well...


...and a deep gnawing ache bites through your soul!

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Maira Gall