July 20, 2008


Sitting in idleness
Sometimes, I feel
This life- in retrospection-
A mixed bag has been.

Eighteen years-
Not long, nay!
Too short a span,
To judge, maybe.

Nevertheless, as I look back
A few moments, good and bad
Come alive, for seconds few,
Rewind and play again, I do!

Funny- this way I live again,
The dread, the glory; the joy, the pain.
I feel the myriad feels, I felt ago,
As if they happened now, just so!

Flash back seems so nice a way,
To go back to the past, from today.
Then stop, forward, on I go,
Dream away on future in tow.

This life- a journey of joy and pain,
A lesson- once taught, never again.
This birth- a disguise in offer,
To learn about life, before the coffer*.
This body- a form giving refuge
To the spirit from a grieving deluge.
This soul- a mysterious entrapment,
A perennial question, a divine fragment.
This mind- an unfathomable expanse,
A practical figment, an intellectual dance.

This life- a miracle, a journey onwards,
A lesson once taught, a victory cornered.

Eighteen summers gone, eighteen autumns seen,
Years waiting to come- a surging dream.
The wishes, the thoughts, the heartbeats, the desire,
The unquenched glory, the passionate fire.
Waiting for their dawn to come their way,
Waiting for life to unfold each day!

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall