July 20, 2008


Oh! How dead and stale is Life.
Past was sprouting with beauty.
The present seems dull and dark.
All that stretches ahead in future,
Seems to hold no light, no spark!

How dull, drab, uninteresting!
How spiceless, how void!
Life just seems a stretch of days,
Of happiness-devoid!

Suddenly a kite emerges,
Out of the fluffy white clouds
Struggling with the gushing wind,
Against all odds –fighting it out!

A riot of colours dancing in the air,
Splotched in beauty and full of dare,
Courage, attitude and strength of mind,
All and more in it did I find.

Oh! Being alive did I not know,
Courage and perseverance-how to show!
It took a little kite to teach me,
“Life is tough-fight it with glee!”

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© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall