June 08, 2008

THE Search

A lonely searching voice within,
Seeks to find an echo nearby.
Again and again, it breaks melody,
Only to find mocking ears.

Ears that shut down on the music
as it issues forth in sweet dulcet tones
The melancholic strain seems not to melt any listener's heart
Oh! But where is any listener around?!

The music stops, though it must go on
Sometimes a distant aching strain is traced
The heart no more can survive the isolation
Whither is the echo?!
Whither is a similar strain?!
One more doesn't make a symphony
Let the music be heard again!

PHOTO COURTESY: Bart van Slobbe on Flickr

1 comment

nanands said...

Listner not seen...
Listner not heard...
Listner is absent?
Listner is mocking?

Is the time ripe?
Is the place right?
Should the tone be dulcet
And the strain melancholy

The stream gugles,
The clouds roar,
The flowers smile
And the birds chirp.
There is symphony still,
Even if there is no echo.

© Dryad's Peak
Maira Gall