February 27, 2008


Sometimes you KNOW you need to blog.. to write something and fill in those really low moments when you seem to be so unsure of everything you do/talk/think! Weirdly, from the morning, many little incidents have been piling up-insignificant in isolation- but together making me feel 'oh-god-WHAT-am-I-doing-in-life?'!!!

So many choices made that are making me confused.
So many choices ebing made that are making me unsure of the next step I take!
So many choices ahead!

Sometimes I wish I KNEW what i'm supposed to do! People accuse you so often-so easily! Some in jest, some so seriously and some-just 'cos they did not have anything better to talk about! And sometimes, although it's not supposed to hurt you NO-MATTER-WHAT, it DOES hurt and your stupid shrinking mind thinks of it all day and ruins your mindframe at the end of the day.

I BADLY feel like taking a few days off from everything and EVERYONE and travel! I can't wait for my next course to begin in 1.5 yrs...

I'm not depressed! I am just feeling that sinking, totally empty, kinda dull aching feeling inside. No one can help. I need to help myself. And when this paralytic benumbing phase seizes you, it's kind of difficult to gather yourself and start your normal work!

Sometimes I wish i knew what life was all about...


bharat chandran said...

Hi Sandhya,

Time, it draws a thin line between past and the future by defining the 'present'. Just float, sometimes the emptiness gives us a lot of questions; in those questions lies the answers!

Jam said...

Wish I could tell something..but I am too sailing in the same boat. No wonder its called winter of discontent.

The Pseudonym said...

That dull ache/emptiness will after sometime turn in hatred and then rage. Life is Crazy.

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

you know how i am right now! ;) but honestly sandy ..be the optimistic dryad. the sun will raise again, and better still tomorrow will be a bright and warm day!

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