September 23, 2007


"Lose Yourself"

"Look,If you had...
one shot...or...
one opportunity...
to seize everything you ever wanted...
One moment...
Would you capture it...
or just let it slip?"


I tried to capture...

Maybe it was right! Maybe not!
but then... it was just ONE opportunity knocking incessantly!

Ah well... this is a self-consolation!

September 16, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things..

Tagged by Akki to 'someone who loves her'! :)

evening the terrace.. while the night whisperer chirrups into my ear!
eating Dairy Milk in an almost-melted form...
dance... :) anytime, anywhere, any song... alone, together, in agroup, with a single awesome dance partner- just DANCE...
Singing-bathroom singing, in public holding a mike, in a group, antakshari, alone, humming- anyway!
collecting little nothings! paper notes, greeting cards, stones, shells, pictures, old lens cases, etc! :D I'm a biiiig hoarder! :P Of memories! :)
rainy nights when it's nice and chilly and I snuggle under the warm quilt and snooze.. tossing all cares to the wind and drowning myself in some airy dreams! hmmmmmmmmmmm :)
typing random thoughts into my mobile's notebook and re-reading them at some idle hour!
My million 'books to write in' that I have and where I scribbl my 'trish-trash'!
Those lovely long dreamy walks to my old office in Anna Nagar. The share auto rides, the train rides, the crowd, the silence, the music plugged in my ears, Durga sweets, Pazhamudircholai Pani pooris, ANNA NAGAR! I miss Anna Nagar! :(
Sitting/Standing in a second hand/any bookshop,sniffing the tales of a million books and their heady fragrances!Aaaah! And to buy them! :)
Watching a movie with Swethu-especially silly senseless Hindi movies-late into a Friday/Saturday night and giggling like two maniacs(which we most definitely,are! :P)
Late night talks with akki discussing Salma Pe Dil aagaya, philosophy, truth of life, hunks, depression-therapy, bitches and other such random but close-to-the-heart things!
My times with my friends :)
Loooooooooooooooooooong phone chats on movies, books and life-as-such; not to forget steamy gossip with my dear Arvi boy on the phone! (COME BACK FROM HYD THIS MOMENT!!! )
Vani's mails :) and replying to them!
the scent of flowers when I cross Pondy bazaar's flower bazaar... :)
The sight of paniyarams and chutney when I go to meet my paatti...every li'l round one exhibiting her love!
good food! :D I LOVE good food! Esp North Indian food! Paneer turns me on!!! ;) (Food does not include curd, buttermilk or any other usage of teh above as per the dictionary of Sandhya Ramachandran)
Train journeys
rains :)
getting up late on a rainy morning...half-awake...eyes refusing tro open and weaving some beautiful story...but ears tuned in to the rainsongs... hmmmmmmmmm... heaven!
staying up late and talking with friends on night-outs! :)
Music :)
JUNK ART! :D I'm absolutely crazy of doing junk art! :)
the dream of flying
a trip alone
dreams :)
weaving stories in the mind! ;)
long trips
speaking on stage
Playing my keyboard on those one-off days and realising I can pretty decently key in some song tunes... :)
rearranging my bookshelf :)
being alone :)
being with a huuuge gang of friends
MODD! :)
Nakka-picham jewellery porukkified from roadside! :D
will continue in part 2! :D

September 15, 2007

Stepping Down...

Rahul Dravid stepping down as Captain of Indian Cricket came as an absolute shock to me!
Whatever his reason maybe, it leaves me sad and disappointed that someone, whose appointment as captain made me jubilant-ecstatic-giddy with happiness, is no more going to continue to provide me the thrills of watching him captain my country!

Here's to my Rahul Bhaiyya- someone I consider one of the best ever captains and who has, is and always will be my most favurite cricketer in the world- GOOD LUCK! will miss you as captain! :(

September 06, 2007

A wee one is born... :)

And suddenly the world seems so much nicer a place!


Welome, li'l girl! :)

P.S.: I got a cousin!!! :D
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