August 22, 2007

OMIGOD!!! I met THE Naresh Iyer!!! :D

Yes i did!
i did!
i did!!!

At Komalas! In a way that makes me believe that destiny had a real crucial role to play! ;)

Here goes my tale! :)

Last night as I sat, cuddled in my sofa watching 'Anbe Sivam' for the n-th time, sipping a glass of lime glucose(for lack of a better drink), eating my Bourborn and sucking on my peppermint, little did I realise that the next day I wouldn't be going to office!

My friend calls me up and tells me he wants me to go to college with his mother for some work! I agree and after a nice night's sleep, I wake up, get ready, skip breakfast for the first ever time in my life(owing to the absolute lack of hunger!) and go my way to college!

After a nice one hour of college-suthings, anty turns up in college and we get busy with the work. At around 12:50, we left college. A heavy traffic at OMR only kindled the hunger and aunty decided that we lunch at Ascendas. At the turning to Ascendas, my mom calls up to enquire where I am, what i am doing, have I eaten and the like! So the driver forgets to turn. I then suggest 'Hot chips'. Lack of parking space led us to move on!

Come Palimar and aunty suggest we go there. But again the parking woes surface! :D (yes.. I'm grinning now! Then.. oh.. then.. we were all SOOOOOOO hungry, I could have eaten dirt! :P thank god, I didn't! ;) )
Komalas it was finally! :D

After a pretty decent plate of North Indian food(could have been spicier and mire authentic!), as we were waiting for the driver to finish off his lunch, WHO do I see around?!?!!?!?!?!?!!?

No brownie points!
THE Naresh Iyer!

Oh.. HOW do i get so lucky?! :D

I was stupefiedstunnedthrilledsilenced for exactly a minute!
And then i talked and talked and talked in excited tones!
I was on top of the world!!!

Heeee heeee heee!!!

Akki and Manasa were sooooooooooo thrilled to hear me trilling on and on and on about the meeting!

I am super happy to have met him sooooon after him winning the National Award for 'Roobaroo'!

Oh.. and he was so modest and calm and unruffled and I was so excited and hyper and blabbering!
He he!
But teh moment was so perfect!
It was SUCH a pre-destined moment!
It was MEANT to happen!
I HAD to meet him!
Oh oh oh!!!

This is BLISS!!!

I guess all my non-stop Naresh chats with Manasa actually triggered off some cosmic reaction to help create this moment of perfection!

I am Blithe!!!

God bless the world!
God bless thee!
God bless he!
God bless me!


Anonymous said...

i wonder what you said to him.....Your Jaya TV cameo kinda make me wonder :-)

Vani Viswanathan said...

yes, what did you tell him??
and you had a cameo appearance in jaya tv??
personality! :D

Sandhya Ramachandran said...


I spoke normally to him! :P Jaya TV la olarina maadhri onnum olaralai! :D


what I told him will be mailed to u! :)

Aravind said...

wow.... U had to meet him that day!!

ur excitement is totally reflected in ur post!! :D

BTW, enna jaya tv appearance?? en kitta sollavey illa? :x

btw, me too asking the same qn as vani?? what did u tell him???

Aravind said...

wow thats kewl ..
just a thought .. wat wud have Naresh Iyer written in his blog (if he had one)about this meeting .:).

Nithya said...

Amazingo !!
did u get his phone number ? If yes, please do pass it on this poor l'il (;)) Naresh Iyer fan :D

Ramya Shankar said...

Hyper excited?
Appo kindly post what you spoke to him! Comment box laam poraadhu !

Anonymous said...

i can only imagine what your version of NORMAL is...

Sirpy said...

LOL.. You certainly carried your enthusiasm right down to the last line... Btw, had he cut his hair or was it at its selfsame hunky, wavy, goblin style...?

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