July 02, 2007


Tagged by Nithya :)

1. Books that Changed Your Life
There's just one book that qualifies for this- Anne of Green Gables by L.m.Montgomery! :) No other book has ever meant so much to menor has had a life-changing impact! What I am today and what I'll be tomorrow, is all due to this one book! :)

2.A Book that I have read more than once
There are many many books I keep going back to!!! :D ALL of L.M.Montgomery's works, the Harry Potter books and Enid Blyton's books(esp The Faraway Tree, Malory Towers,St.Clare's and The riddle of the Boy next door) are books I would have read a million times over! :) Every yearly compulsory reading includes the above and two of my all-time favourites- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen(words betray me!) and the Moonstone by William Wilkie Collins(a masterpiece in crime!)

3. A Book You'd Take onto a Desert Island
Definitely one of the books by L.M.Montgomery- either Anne of the Island, or Anne's House of Dreams or Rilla of Ingleside or The Blue Castle or Emily's Quest or Emily Climbs!!! Oh!!! One of her books... any of her books!!! :D

4. Books That Made You Laugh
CALVIN!!! :D :D :D
Mama's Pet(Dennis the Menace)
The Riddle of the Boy Next Door by Enid Blyton
Princess Diaries!!! :D :D

5. Books That Made You Cry
Rilla of Ingleside
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
Harry Potter and the Order of the phoenix- when Sirius...
Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince-when Dumblydorr...

6. A Book You Wish Had Been Written
Weird question! How would it be a book if it never had been written?!! :O
Well.. i wish my 'books' had already been published! I have to wait a few more years for it guess.. :)

But yeah.. I would love it if 'Anbe Sivam', the movie, had been written as a book! :)

7. Books You Wish Had Never Been Written
Every book has it's own merit! It's own beauty or lack of it! There's something to learn from it-how to write a book or how not to!
And well.. I know how a heart yearns to be published! I'd NEVER wish that even for my enemy-that his/her book remain unpublished!

8. Books You're Currently Reading
The Alpine Path~L.M.Montgomery
Jurassic Park- Michael Crichton
Shantaram- Gregory David Robertson
and well... a million more books are in different stages of reading and read-ed-ness! :P

9. Books You've Been Meaning To Read
Catcher in the Rye
To Sir,with love
Gone With the Wind
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!! :D :D :D
Akin to Anne, The Doctor's Sweetheart, At the Altar, the Golden Road, The Stor Girl and every other L.M.Montgomery creation that I have not read as yet!
Emma, Persuassion- Jane Austen
The Historian
R.K.Narayan's books- the ones I've not read yet.
A thousand Splendid Suns
Rest of the Princess Diaries(read only 4!!! *sob*)
Rest of Meg Cabot's works
Shopaholic series!! :)
other chick-lit! I love 'em!!! :D

I tag:

I hereby tag the first time tag-takers :|


Anonymous said...

you havent read catcher in the rye??????

oh you must!!!!!!!

Nithya said...

Thanks for taking up the tag Sandhya :)

Unknown said...

mme..!!!.. oh, i kept away from written with tagged questions due to my born talent of crazy laziness.. ofcourse, thatz until now..;). will post on this soon... danksee

Unknown said...

Harry Potter made you cry.!! gal you are sensitive(and very))

my honest attempt


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

i suggest mother by maxim gorky ...
havent been here a long time howz you?

Revs said...

kite runner is one of my favorite books too and the only book i cried for!!!lovely book!!
you might want to try "the mating season" by PG Wodehouse..its a laugh riot..
and u should read "anything for u ma'am" by tushar raheja. it will make you change ur mind about "A Book You Wish Had never Been Written"..its absolute trash!!

Kush said...

Hmmm... You love chick lit eh?

Nice list! Quite a reader you are, must say! Gone with the wind will try your patience for sure but its worth it. The tragedy in the book shall linger on in your heart. You won't immediately catch it... But it will slowly grow on you... It is the tragedy of a collective society... Of a golden era gone past... Forever.

BTW, it seems you never read anything even remotely 'pulp'. Try reading The Sicilian by Mario Puzo.


Anonymous said...

I shall do the tag here.:D

a)Tuesdays with Morrie- changed the way I looked at life.
b)You must like cricket?- changed the way I approached my cricket fandom
c)Indian summers by John Wright- changed the way I looked at Indian cricket!!:)
d)Not without my daughter-changed the way i used to take most things for granted!
2)ALL the HPs!! St Clare's. Malory Towers and hazaar other Enid Blytons.
3)I'm only allowed one???
4)There are certain elements in almost all books that make me laugh!
5)Kite runner-ditto!
HP 5,6. Not without my daughter. Most books by Jean sasson. Marley and me!
6)Er I think this question should read A book you wish you had written.:P In my case it would be "You must like cricket?":D
7)Loads."How Opal Mehta got kissed,got drunk(orwhateverthetittlesaid) and got a life" would top my list.
9)shantaram. everything by vikram seth and salman rushdie. a thousand splendid suns!

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