July 21, 2007


It all started with me getting up in the wee hours of the morning(around 4:20) and getting ready- full bath and all!
Fully excited and as hyper as I ever could have got, i went off to Crosswords and grabbed my copy of Potter!
Wanted to stay back till Anu and Hamsini had got their copies... started reading. A Jaya Tv journo asked me to talk for a minute abt the book. i was desperate to read it. I refused initially.. then thinking about how, 2 years down the lane, I might be requesting someone to give me a one-minute opinion and would be really hurt if refused, I obliged and quickly spoke all I could!!!(I was teased to death man!!! :P I declared "i've lived with Harry all along' in my excitement and MY GOD! Everyone from my 12 year old cousin to my 27 year old uncle to my 55 year old neighbour found it hilarious and ragged me to no end with it! And they sniggered! I was only meaning it in the innocent way! :( )

Mom does all she could to publisice my TV appearance! :D I don't proptest nor encourage! I know neither is going to have any effect on her! She's as headstrong as I am! :P

Rush back home to show the copy of HP to sis before she leaves for school. Read from 7:30 am to 6 pm without a break(except one minute loo breaks and a 10 minute lunch break). Finish the book... Laugh, cry, hug the book! :D

It feels SO good! :)

I LOVE the book! I won't say anything more... I HATE to be a spoilesport! :) May the sheer delight of finding things out stay with every reader! :)

AWESOME FINALE! It COULDN'T have been any better! :)

Learn that results are out. Topped the class this sem too though my marks make me cringe in my seat! My al-time low and subjects where I was expecting a 95 fecthed me mere 70s while ppl outshone me in those! :( Was pretty upset...but yeah.. u can't ask for perfection can you?

Go catch my mini-celebrity-level-publicised-one-minute-TV-appearance! :P Got calls after calls as if I'd won the Nobel and that was my thanksgiving speech! :) THANK GOD I looked pretty decent on screen! :P Phew! The last thing I wanted was oily face, eyeliner running out and kohl smudges! :P

Catch Naresh on Koffee with Anu! :D He was AWESSSSSSSSSOME! The way he sang 'Munbe va'! Whoooooo! He won me man! :D And his Hindi rendition of 'Ooh la la la'! Stumped. Hit-wicket.BLOODY Brilliant!!! :D I thought Devan was real entertaining. Anu was pretty bad in this episode! :( I was disappointed. The other 2 girls- Subhiksha and madhumitha- they ARE good singers, i don't deny. But I wished they hadn't come. I mean... they were real dumb! :P And an exclusive show of Naresh or atleast with Devan alone would have sufficed! :(
Nevertheless... I'm absolutely gone on Naresh's voice! :D It woos well! ;)

The best part of the day however was the second I finished the HP book... I sat... hugged it CLOSE to me and looked at the last we ever will see of this series!
It was a bitter-sweet feeling. I LOVED the fact that I NOW know everything there's to know. And I HATED the fact that this was it! The end! The last book!

All sadi and done... today came near the description of a 'perfect day'!!!

Though it did not completely turn out to be so, it has been what can be only described as an 'almost perfect day'!!! :D


Rakesh said...

Me too have finished the book. :)
I went to the shop in the same clothes in which i woke up :P else i would've come in front of the headlines today camera

Anu said...

whoosh!!! full blast of energy!!! I can now understand why you are Vani's friend! :D

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