June 27, 2007


And the world moves on...
Without a care
after all the stares
No reason why it should stop to mourn.
There are others who'll live
and yet others who'll die.
The dead remain, but in passing memories
And at all other times we think not
nor do we care
Oh! What stones we must be
to not bleed at another's tears!


Kush said...

Yes, indeed.

On a slight tangent-- I recall having read somewhere: When childhood dies, the corpse that is left is called an adult.

What's In A Name ? said...

Its wonderful to see some meaningful poetry on your blog.

Baiyu said...

Excellent Poem. Thought Provoking.But While Saying So I suggest You Also go Thro Two of My Poems Released recently Titled "IN REVERANCE" And "REALISATION" And See Whether Or Not It Gives You A Different Insight Into The Concept Of Death And Let Me Have UR Views.
Best Wishes BAIYU

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