June 27, 2007


And the world moves on...
Without a care
after all the stares
No reason why it should stop to mourn.
There are others who'll live
and yet others who'll die.
The dead remain, but in passing memories
And at all other times we think not
nor do we care
Oh! What stones we must be
to not bleed at another's tears!


In life, everything works by barter. There never is any happiness till you receive and give without expectation of any returns. But sadly..that never happens and that accounts to life's unfulfillment.


There's nothing so terrible and depressing as false hopes! Especially when you are buoyed up by the happiness that those very hopes create only to realise...in the end... that they were, after all, false!


Life throws things unexpectedly at you...And things you want to forget..give up...release forever out of your whole, come back...and seize you with such a power and..mystery... that you're left so shaken and vulnerable- exactly the way it had left you, the first time it crossed your path!


You don't give up on fantasies as you grow up! Fantasies give up on you...for turning into yet another of the world men!


Sarcasm is something I can't take at times! It's evil in intentions and cruel in act.


God sometimes gives through miracles, what reality can't provide!


Unknown said...

hmm... If I can suggest-- have fantasy as your good friend and open mind as your ideology then you find you Hope in every step you take, that would show you unseen wonder of life.

Kush said...

Hmmm... You stand and face the brighter end of the rainbow. An admirable quality too. And good for you...

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