June 24, 2007


Well well well... I'm just back after watching the really beautiful movie 'Shall we Dance?' It was truly a step out of the ordinary! The movie's got a great depth of characterization, excellent casting, brilliant dialogues and some mind-blowing awesome dance!!!

I guess I LOVED the movie more because I could REALLY associate with the passion the people on screen had for dance! I simply LOVE dancing! It just makes me feel so good..so out-of-the-world and just oh-so-happy!!! :)

I've been dancing ever since I can remember! I was not too confident of my dance for a loong looong time as my school's dance teacher used to be partial to all the bharatanatyam dancers(those who learned it ) and I, who has had absolutely no training, was sidelined!

It all changed in 8th standard when we danced a nice Dandiya number for our Intra-class dance and the judge gave me a special mention even though we did not win! The moment was beautiful! I was so filled with joy! Someone was able to see that I'm SO passionate about dance..so that means my passion for it was reflected in my movement..so that means I'm a good dancer?!

But the beauty and pride and sheer blushy joy of the moment was taken off by a classmate B who told me, they must have mistaken me for her or someone else! Sadly and stupidly, I believed her and again started a slump in my confidence.

But, I never gave up!

I couldn't! I loved dance too much! :)

I'm GLAD I didn't lose hope and heart over the jealous words of a fellow dancer!

I switched schools for my eleventh and twelfth leaving behind a wonderful 12 years at a school that practically cherished me! I had many apprehensions about shifting schools- it was going to be start-anew for everything- from making friends to adapting to new environment, new teachers, EVERYTHING! And there was also a deep hurt that I NEVER could get the coveted School President/SPL/Head girl post in a new school! No matter HOW much you establish yourself, there's something called 'the years you've put in' that counts for that most lovely position! I was upset!

But there were other wonderful things in store for me! I, who never had the confidence to sing or dance(even though I ALWAYS did to overcome my sagging ego) was part of the school choir and in my class dance team!!! :D I in fact , lead the school choir! All along, right from childhood, I've been branded the hoarse voiced loud mouth! It was advantageous during speeches and talks but in singing, it gave me a big inferiority complex! Now.. that was dispelled forever! Came college and my voice was lauded by so many! At last... at last... a dread and fear and low confidence in singing was overcome! :)

We danced for 'Dola Re' in our Eleventh and won the second place(I STILL believe we deserved the first! We were awesome!). I was soon known as the girl who can dance well! :)

College followed. During our Freshers Party in a beach house, I was made to dance by the seniors. What followed was a sheer elated performance by me and my god... everyone was raving about my dance! It felt soooo good! I NEVER knew I was this good! All along I'd believed I was ok, passable, decent.. but I never KNEW I was good!

I was taken for the Zonal NASA dance team after liking my performance for the inter-college group dance competition. The BEST dancer in my department chose me as his partner and my god... we were AWESOME on stage together!

I KNEW how Paulina would have felt when dancing with the perfect partner. I had a perfect dance partner too! We had awesome chemistry on stage. In Zone NASA, everyone who saw our dance told us they couldn't take their eyes off the two of us! It felt GOOD! We won! :)

The next Zone NASA, I was made the cultural secretary! :) Awww... It was one proud moment. I danced 3 dances!!! :D With change of dress and all! :)

I'm soooo waiting to dance! I BADLY wanna dance now... but owing to a terribly stiff back due to swimming, I'm unable to! :( Speaking about swimming..I have been dancing inside the pool.. he he! I've been singing songs(old English ones, melodious Hindi and Tamil numbers) in the pool! Mostly I've been singing 'Moon River'... the song's been haunting me for almost 5-6 months, ever since I first heard it! Crossing th pool somehow makes me feel as if I'm crossing the Moon River itself(in the literal sense!)!

HearAudrey Hepburn sing "Moon River" (a .MP3 file).

(Music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer)

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end--
waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend,
Moon River and me.

Aaaaah!!! What wods, what a voice, what a song!!! :)
Ohhh! I'm so glaad I wanna dance! I hope I could go to the Farewell this week and get one last dance with my dance partner! :)
Till then...

"Shall we dance?"

(P.S.: This post is just an off-hand rant of what all I felt after watching that awesome movie! And I absolutely loved richard Gere, J Lo and Susan Sarandon in the movie!!! Actually, Loved Evvyone in the movie!!! Awww!!! :D )


Ramya Shankar said...

I loveee that movie & the hero Chayanne, isn't qualified either in the movie, but still manages to shake a leg.
Its one of my personal favourites just for the sheer art & movement.
We must dance someday together !
What say ? Shall we dance?

Nithya said...

chuch a kyuuuuut post :) Loved it totally :)

Sigh...I have two left feet...I become very clumsy wen it comes to dancing.... :( I don't dance even wen nobody is watching...Dance and me are like chalk and cheese....

Whenever I listen to amazing soft dance-worthy numbers or some groovy numbers, I feel like shedding all my inhibitions away and dancing. But I really don't know as to why I can't possibly do that. I seriously envy all those people, who can atleast swing to music. Dance is a marvellous way to show that you appreciate music and that you are unleashing all your emotions, in a very relaxed manner....

Sandhya, would love to see u sing and dance sumtime :)

Kush said...

How you make me smile with your optimism and zest for life.

Yes, we shall...

: )

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