June 11, 2007


Give me a reason to smile
They don't come on their own anymore
You don't give up on fantasies as you grow old,
Fantasies give up on you...
for turning into one more of th world men!

And then you find no reason to smile
There's nothing worthwhile anymore
dreams-you know may never come true
and love and laughter are so momentary!

What stays? You ask and ask again!
Oh.. but only this emptiness and search!
I need a reason to smile again
To trust more wholly
to live more heartily
to smile the smiles again!


Aravind said...

gud one.sounds very true .. atleast for me.

Anonymous said...

What the hell and no apologies for swearing. You post after such a long time and what thoughts. If at this age you ask such questions like 'what reasons i have to be happy?' imagine the future :(

Vinesh said...

you don't need a reason to smile..
smile.. and reasons will be born!

Aravind said...

Sivaji releasing this week.... indha reason podhumey smila panna :P

Nithya said...

I second Vinesh('s beautifully written comment) :)

Unknown said...

not 1 but 5,000 Reasons to Smile . . . for Chicks

perfect dream
sleep in on a sunday morning
much needed hug from a best friend
rainbow after a long strom

so keep that smile...

Kush said...

Quite an optimistic you are, I see. Nice poem...quite becoming to you... :D


Bharti said...

It might be me who's written it, sounds so familiar.
But was not expecting anyhting so glum from the smiliest person Ive ever come across!
Makes me wonder...

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