April 05, 2007


Whither has gone my sunshine?
Whither have gone my dreams?
All the rosy-reds have turned white!
The brilliant ocean's now a stream!

Something's forever killed within,
I know not what it is!
A zing, a tang, an essence,a something
in life do I miss!

My rainbows have gone
and so have the leprechauns!
My crocheted fancies too
now lay withered and torn!

Bring me back my glorious days
Give me back my smiles
I know not how far I need to walk
How many more miles?


vishesh said...


the image is presented well....

life is a yatra without an end...

Kush said...

Very nice indeed young lady! And the poem could have gone so many ways in the last stanza, I wish somehow, you had done better there... Perhaps taken the reader, 'some where' else... Or perhaps I am too romantic... ;)

Thanks for your comments on my stories, btw.

What's In A Name ? said...

reminds me of Frost and Elliot at the same time.

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