April 18, 2007


Some words seem to haunt me sometimes... echoing on my ears time and again...They ensnare me and irk me to no end to use them repeatedly in conversations, essyas and poetries!

I fall in love with words. One word at a time and with such a firce obsession do I love them that I almost sort of give it a well-chiselled handsome face and kiss it passionately! :D

It was 'wicked' first! It waS oh-so-a..well... WICKED word! SO full of all the unspeakable evils entrapped in its very cores of hearts! A word full of all the daring, all the courage, all the romance that I liked, forming its letters!

Then, still disillusioned by wicked, I fell in love with the world 'depth'! It was as if someone had bored a hole throughthe entire radius of the earth and found the golden molten core of it! DEPTH!!! Yeah... I wanted a 'depth' in everything- people, their actions, books, music-everything!

'Eons' replaced depth! Every poem of mine had an 'eons' in it! The sword of old battles had been used 'eons' ago. 'Eons' had passed since that lovely time of life. It was such an archaicvictorianish word! It refloected my personality- very old-fashioned in its 'dEpths' but slightly 'wicked' on its surface! ;)

And now... if your're wondering what particular word posseses me...Well...you just have proof of my obsession! I wrote an entire essay with it for a title!


Words I love- enraptured, forecastle, tread, meandering, floss, blush, jamboree, ramble, prowl, scented, fragrance, twilight, betwixt, bewitched, dryad ;), nereid, nymph, druid, faeryland, wayside, burrow, recluse, mellifluous, crystal, icy, sunshine,smile, wanderlust, sentinel, wee sma's, wither, whither, zephyr, zest, trample, galavanting, chrysanthemum, brownie, ecstatic, eclectic...... oh...... I could go on!!! :D :D :D


Nithya said...

i absolutely looooovvvved this post :)
At times i become obsessed with some words too, but they aren't as archaic and flowery as these are..I become obsessed with a few slangs (not the lewd ones tho ;))...I used to keep uttering (and i still do utter!!) stuff, thingy, thing, 'chuck that', bug :D , pest :D,seriously,exactly,oh really !! :P , disgusting, horrid etc ..etc...

Right now i am in love with the word 'crap' :D and i keep usin this word way too often

Priya Arun said...

Oh you should go on, Sandhya Dryad! :-)

Mine include - cherish, chocolate (the word and the thing, btw), tome, calandula, moonbeam, muffin, buttercup, leprechaun, tandem, resonance, frivolous, simile... and yeah, I could go on too!

P.S: Ironical, the word verification is 'zqmwhs' on a post about the beauty of words! :-|

Soupsticks - supriya said...

nothing can beat the word glissando :)
i hate the words... free, damn and hilarious

Aprilslady said...

All these words actually belong to our darling L.M.Montgomery:)

Vani Viswanathan said...

god, i'm shocked.. i don't think i know the meanings of most of these words!! :| a reflection of my going-down-the-drain reading? :(

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Thanku thanku Thanku! Ecstatic that this post warmed the cockles of your heart!

ahem! I guess I'm going overboard with my love for the archaic! :D

And yeah.. slangs do 'catch you' sometimes! Like "slightly","what crap"."oh yeah?" and stuff! but... NOTHING beats...or even compares to the old worldd charm of these beautiful words! :)

Priya.... Oh! It's with a delight that I declare I love every one of those words you mentioned!
*reaches across internet waves for a big bear hug*
and 'spitty that the word verification ain't inventive enough! mine was 'olcbxyap'! :P

he he! Why this anger against words?! :D And I agree- glissando's a perfectly gorgeous word!!!

Everything beautiful in the world has some influence or gets some influence from our dear Maude... :)

And these words just indicate how madly I've been devouring books these days!!! :D
A book a day keeps my blues away!!! :D

Harish said...

what the hell is nereid?!?!!!!!

slowly, but steadily, u're turning into a muzhu loosu :P

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

a sea-nymph you upper-storey challenged soulless git!!!

X( X( X(

Naan loosu illa!!! Remember the adage?

"A Genius is Seldom recognised when living"


You better not make that mistake! I'll forgive you! Accept my all-knowing superiority!!!


Subramanian Ramachandran said...

onnume puriyale..watz the matter?

Hollow Bamboo said...

gr8 sandhya....feel like i hav bumped into another pradeep sebastian :)

Unknown said...

sure words is glory.. but some(or many) are beyond words. In silence we learn, understand, apologies, accept, admire,..

make time for silence , with that you appreciate more words and its usage(/when-to & when-not-to).

since words, however softly spoken,
will cause the silence to be broken.
Hence wordless prayer is the key
to that which is divine,
a state of being so sublime
is far removed from space and time.

Kush said...

Hmmmm... Lovely post! You write so very well indeed. And I am addicted to 'blogair' so rest assured I will be a regular visitor :)

BTW, how about writing a poem on this play of words in yours mind? What say? Bring out how they jeer at you, play with you, torture you, till you put them in harmonious rest (like naughty children?) in a poem.

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