April 29, 2007

A few notches up the Alpine Path :)

To the Fringed Gentian

"Then whisper, blossom, in thy sleep,
How I may upward climb,
The Alpine Path, so hard, so steep,
That leads to heights sublime.
How I may reach the far-off goal,
Of true and honoured fame.
And write upon its shining scroll,
A woman's humble name"
~featured in L.M.Montgomery's "The Alpine Path"

There are dreams you dream persistently... no matter how many setbacks you receive!

There have been times when i've been so low on confidence with my writing, suffered a million tortures with a few cutting remarks from a few people of merit!

One English teacher in my college on reading my poem told me, "your words are too old-fashioned! They don't appeal to the modern people...they WON'T! Make it more realsitic, more true...don't bring in fantasy and imagination".

She's right.. i'm too old-fashioned! But I still believe in the lovely old-world charms, simpler lives etc! I DO lead a simple sweet life where trifles matter so much! I DO have time to stop and stare atleast for a second! :)
And guess THAT reflects in my writing!

But somehow, the way she put it hurt me heaps and I had to fight back tears! I did attempt at a little less fantasy from then on and I DID see a world of difference! More people began to be able to associate with my words! I thank her her... Mrs.Usha... Your casual comment has helped! :) Thank you!

And today, still nourishing my dreams of someday publishing a book and reaching across to people with it, touching their souls and making them feel better about life itself after reading me, I can proudly declare that I've climbed a few notches up my Alpine Path today!


This post has been selected by Sulekha and got published in The Deccan Chronicle-Chennai Chronicle pg.19 today! :) They even carried a short intro for me! :) Man... it feels happy!

And the happiness is not the mad yelling happy bouts that I get into...but the silent sweet deep happiness that makes you hug yourself hard within but just show a smile on the outside!!!


Ah! It's a big big boulder-sized Brick that's been laid into my foundation!
I'm glad...

I hope I continue to get these li'l boosts on my long arduous struggle to the top! I've taken many wrong turn, wasted much time... but now... I need to propel ahead without looking back and getting discouraged!

Time will tell me if these dreams will find their day!

Till then, as always, I keep,

Dreaming on....


Thank you all for your sustained support and encouragement for whatever 'trish-trash' I write! You motivate me! :) God bless! :)


Anonymous said...

Someone found fault with your writing? Just shows that plenty of dull wits abound this earth. : )
Keep writing and best wishes.

Aravind said...

hey Sandhya,

congrats!!! Kalakku!! :D

treat eppo?

Neha said...

congrats :).

Kush said...

Oh Sandhya, you are one heck of a girl! Gawd bless and I wish from the depths of my heart that all your dreams come true.

I DO lead a simple sweet life where trifles matter so much! I DO have time to stop and stare atleast for a second! :)
And guess THAT reflects in my writing!

Well, I certainly do believe that you live a good life. And I'd rather you followed your own heart... Like Aries woman Scarlett O' Hara, remember... ?

Nithya said...

Amazing...Congratulations :) Ur written works never fail to enthrall us...
There u go..a small virtual gift frm ur blogger buddy :)


Shruti said...

congratulations!! yay! this is soooper :) after everything , you definitely deserved this gal.. muuah

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