April 10, 2007

Daddy Long-legs!!!

There's nothig in the world so whole-heartedly delightful as a book! It completely washes your soul, repaints it with sunshine and lets all those dreams blossom again! :)

Daddy Long-legs did that to me! :D

"Daddy Long-legs" is a book by Jean Webster and oh... what a book it is!!! :D I'm DELIGHTED by it! It warmed the very cockles of my heart like very few books do! :)

My flitting depression got a blow from this book and the blow was so strong that it's been in the hiding for a while now! ;) And well.. let it just remain there! :P

Very few books bring in the sunshine back into my life! The best of 'em all are the "Anne books" by L.M.Montgomery! :) If you happen to be a friend of mine, you'd have heard me gush about the book and talk about it like a special friend or family! L.M.M. has it that no one else does! :) A waywith words... a something that doesn't speak to my head but to my very soul! :) Every/Any book of hers can cure me out of depression,self-doubt and the like!

Other books which can also have such an uplifting influence in me include books like "The little princess", "Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm", "Polyanna", "Little Lord Fauntleroy", Enid Blyton's "Malory Towers""St.Clare's" and "Riddle of the Boy Next door" and now... "Daddy long Legs" :D

All these are absolutely 'huggable' books whose souls resemble warm cushiony squishy arm-chairs!!!

My writer's itch resurfaces on a tryst with them and my diary finds pages after pages being urgently filled with my 'trish-trash'! :D Infact, Daddy long Legs made me write 25 whole pages at a stretch!! :D and this included the 'prologue' and 'epiogue' of a story that's been mulling in my mind! :)

Oh... it fueels nice to have been so renewed by books! :D Can't wait for Harry Potter to come! :) I pre-oredered it! :D :D :D

Books give me what people can't- loyal uplifting presence! And I'm glad I can always turn my face away from irregular, unreasonable stuck-up people/world and drown myself in the world of books and have an absolutely wizard time! :)

Yayyyyy!!! I'm glad for the written world!!! :D

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