April 05, 2007


Before all of you decide that I'd killed myself on my 20th birthday, here I come back to inform you that.. NO... I didn't! :D

I decided to go the Milind Soman way and declared to the world(read family and friends) that "age is just a number and in my heart I always shall remain 12!" :D

Which is true.. I mean..my staying 12 forever! I totally dislike mental aging! HOW can you let yourself feel old?!
Whatever be the state of this world, I don'tgivea damn anymore! :P It's just what I think, I feel and I act! :D And here goes to my upcoming teenage that never shall come(I mean... if I'm ALWAYS going to be 12, I can ALWAYS look forward to my teens...but I'll never quite experience teenage... ok! I'm crapping!).. CHEERS!

I just came back from a nice 5 day trip to Coimbatore. Had good fun. Wrote a bit, read a bit, oor suthifyed a bit, baked an awesome cake wid my mami and sis, saw "Lee"(a good movie worth watching atleast once. A very realistic theme which has been neatly done!) and played with my kiddo cousins! :D

But nothing feels as nice as coming back home. I was scared shit in the Upper berth. I HATE DETEST LOATHE Upper berths! I made a hullabaloo climbing onto the berth! X( And..I DID NOT sleep well! :(

The second I entered home....ah...I can't word that inexplicable warmth that washed over me! :) It was beautiful to connect once more with my sphere of happiness and sorrow...to be back in the place where I dream,live,breathe,cry! :) I LOVE Chennai and I LOVE my house! :) It feels justGREAT to be back! :) And EVERY second there in Coimbatore, I longed for my house!!! :)
I mean, I do travel a lot,these days! One or the other college trip or competition or family trip takes me away from home often! (I prefer travelling alone butI've NEVER done that! :( ) And I DO miss home all the time! But this time... it was stronger than ever! I guess it's because I've changed a lot over the past few months and find it more comfortable in my zone rather than getting displaced,evern for a while!

Life's becoming very insipid! I'm happiest these days when I'm listening to music or reading a book or walking alone! Guess extroverted me's turning an introvert! :P Secrets seem sweeter, silence more calming! he he... Some VAGUE phase I'm going through! I KNOW it'll all get washed off and turn into beautiful clarity after this semester! :) I'm WAITING for my training! and... for a few holidays where I can just not think of anything and do as I please! I wanna learn to drive, write more, kill the computer(I hate it...though I spend so much time on it and also take more care of it than myself! It ruins me!), bury my mobile(Urgh! I hate being connected...but unable to get disconnected! :( ) and read read read!!! :D

God's great cos he created music and the written word! They are my balm during stress and distress! I maybe very irregular and out-of-touch with my writing on my blog... all i can say is...kindly bear with me for a month and a half more! Things will become rosy and wonderful again!

Or so hopes 12! :)


Ramya Shankar said...

You do what you want to! Live life queen-size !
Trust me on this : Work out until you're puring sweats. Helps you de-stress and de-clutter your mind !

Vani Viswanathan said...

The written word and music - can't agree more!! Those are just what're keeping me going.. I awfully miss my blog.. :( Don't know when i'll get to updating it!

Anonymous said...

nice post...:) keep it going...

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