March 18, 2007


I just don't know what to say! I mean I'm so pressurised from every corner of this universe! A 7 day working week is sure to get into your nerves, right?! So you get the drift? Well I feel like tearing my hair out and killing myself. This is annoying.. SO much work keeps coming that I feel I'll explode any moment! :(

I'm happy in life and things are normal. But the Workload is ENORMOUS!!! haiyooooooo!!! :(

It's unfair... WHY should I have to suffer soooooo much with work?! An 8-storey office cum shopping complex with restaurants and a country club to design in a week is asking for TOOOOOOOO much!!! X(

And to top it all silly, insane, foolish, dumb me is irritated with EVERYONE for the least of reasons! Everything seem to trigger off a stream of shrieks! I yell and scream(atleast mentally!) at the slightest of provocation!

I also don't like this week! My birthday, submissions, 2 weddings, a lecture, CAD classes,college, solar eclipse etc!!! And every event HAS to take place at the diametrically opposite ends! I'm gonna end up fainting in some remote corner of the city!!!

URGH!!! I seem to be irritated!

Late realisation!!! X(

GOD!!!! Gimme my month-end break soooooon!!! I want it to come faster........ :(
And then....
I'll come back rejuvenated!!! :D

P.S.1: The MISERABLYDISMALHORRIBLETERRIBLESTUPID performance of the Indian team has also DEEEEEEEEEEEPLY contributed to my state! :(

P.S.2: And the fact that Pakistan is out of the game... and EVEN if India gets thru to the Super 8, there WILLNOT be an India-Pak encounter upsets and makes me wanna cry!!!! :(((


Unknown said...

hey./. such is life.. why take it seriously..!! its huge/large/.. in general, its good and fun.

work or cricket... is no important in whole scheme of life.. so set your priorities... continue to have fun.

Unknown said...

Enjoy life buddy, why to take everything serious jus relax and enjoy every moment u face thru

Shreekanth said...

Thevaigala Prioritize panninom..Super dhaan... :)

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