February 06, 2007


Have you ever wondered why we dream?

Not all dreams come true! Especially the ones that your heart deeply desires!!! Someway or the other, life snuffs them... and deals the death knell to it! And then...

the very dream that you created
wisp after wisp,
vision after vision
to a million pieces...
The once sweet...
lies in smithereens
Past's sole glory
present's bitter pain
reminding you time and again
of a cold icy failure

Well... this exactly is how EVERY deep desire of my heart has been killed! And yet... picking up those fragments...still with a glimmer so alluring, mesmerising and beautiful...I continue to be The Dreamy Dryad...knowing that one or the other dream I dream next is going to walk the plank...find itself still-born!

Oh...Life's sooooooo unfair sometimes! No.. most of the times! And yet... the 'chronic optimist' in me keeps reviving me and makes me feel upbeat about life again with another new dream!

How long will this hopeless optimism work?
How long can I go without an ego-boost?
How long should I wait patiently?

What is so fundamentally wrong in me?
Maybe nothing is wrong and maybe there's something!

No matter what the truth is... I need to move on in life... with a pile of disappointments beside- a tad bigger than the victories! And I need to keep smiling and yes... dreaming!!!

All said and done- I just can't see myself alive without these dreams of mine!!! :)

God bless the world and yeah... bless me sometimes too! :)


BZ said...

Hey Sandhya,
Saw your comments on my blog after a long time.

How are you? And what happened? Why the doleful state?

Life has its way of making things happen, so just continue dreaming on, and putting in your efforts, results will show up automatically.
Good luck, and keep us posted.

Will try to drop in here, more regularly. :--))

S said...

dreams and life have a way of doing that to you.

but hey, you're lucky - because however much life jacks you, you fall down but get right back up and say, "It's my dream and my life. And you can do nothing about it." and move on to another dream, another hope! :)

that's why you're special!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

me agree ....cheers fellow chronic optimist, its only the dreams that keep me alive .....

Aprilslady said...

'kindred spirits' can always SYMPATHIZE if not read your post fully;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...did u write this article between 2.00pm-5.00pm?

Adithya said...

The sudden transition from you previous writing to this one is rather depressing... I visualise a heartbreak.. an unexpected push off the cliff.. cant imagine anthing else that could have triggered such a drastic state of mind...

What happened? You were the light at the end of the tunnel... the 'chronic optimist' almost seems like a mirage.. get up and get moving!!

You need to change your perspective... I could think of many ways to get you out of this mourning... but like they say, 'advices are like assholes, everybody has on'. My mouth is shut till I am asked..


Adithya said...

Sandhya, believe it or not, I had been contemplating writing my own blog for a while now... this post did it to me. I'm spewing big time thanks to you :)

Unknown said...

truly said!!

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