January 18, 2007

Comedy of Errors!!! :D

What occured today can only be termed as what the title suggests! After a lovely resolution of not biting at my mean friends' throats for absolutely forgetting me when they all went galavanting across the city to see 'Guru' without me(fifth time that I had to miss an opportunity of watching the movie! DAMN it's jinxed!!! X( ), I thought the day was going to be nice/bitter/normal but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be comical!!! :)

Well, comical, though, it turned out to be!

It all started when I wore a pretty kurta I bought recently and mix and matched it with another salwar that I had. It was a striped mellow orange short kurti and EVERYBODY's told me that I look damn pretty in it( I know! I know!!! :D ) . Since Anu never saw me in it, she asked me to wear it to college. Just for her sake I wore it- but this time with the salwar rather than my trusted pair of black jeans(which is stinking and lying for a wash! :P ). It seemed a perfect combo last evening! And this morning as I stepped out into the sunlight I realised what a colour blinded fool I am!!! The salwar was pink!!!! NOT the orange that I imagined it to be!!! :P

Well, I thought that was the end of it. But it was just the beginning!!! :D In the first hour of 'Mechanical Services in a building' (taken by a pretty good lady staff from Mech dept), my eye started hurting like hell! I excused myself and went to rinse it in water. Well surprise!!!!!!!! My lens came out and was lying in my hands torn mid-way!!! I went to class and asked a fellow lens-wearing friend to lend me her lens case. I removed the other lens and kept.

Now this was in the view of the entire class and you know how guys are... they just need a li'l spark to light a fire!(Actually everyone needs just a spark! he he!!! :D ) My lovely brother Immesh goes and fetches a heavy Iron pipe to be used as a walking stick for the visually challenged!!! :( Everyone else started this whole 'what colour is this?' 'How much is this?' etc!!! :( Sadly with a power of -4 in both my blessed eyes, I could figure some and some-not at all! Then Fahem, Abishek, Uma and Singay started this whole 'recognise who I am' round. They will insist on standing at a distance and ask me to identify!!!

God!!! It was so funny but at the same time I did feel so bad I could not see like others blessed with normal vision! I sure am going to get my eye operated with laser for corrective vision! :D And yeah baby... that's gonna be sooner than later! ;)

Sometimes I don't know how I let people see through me but I guess I do! :) My most deepest thoughts are easily read by atleast two blessed souls on earth- Akki and Anoodha!!! God... they surprise me with the understanding they have of me! :) Am I that transparent? :)

Then as I was just about to enter my flat today, I stepped on a poor poor doggie's paw!!! :"( Okay... i used to hate dogs, cats and every other animal but ever since I met 'Lassie'- my friend's dog and 'Appu'- another friend's doggie,I really like dogs! :) I felt so bad for the dog I stepped on! Poor thing... it must have hurt like hell!!! :( Well, I shrieked and ran into my flat! All the maamis who were having their daily evening session of gupshup looked at me clutching at my neck in horror and ashen-faced, and asked me seriously - "Did someone rob your chain?" I was sooooooooo tickled!!! :D

It was so unconnected and absurd! I NEVER wear gold anywhere but for marriages and that too out of compulsion! I prefer artificial pretty jewellery and yeah.. I'm fascinated by platinum. Silver allures me more than Gold! :) The situation was just too funny I couldn't help laughing. When I explained to them, they all at once peeped behind me... GOD.. it was just SO hilarious!!! :D

He he... Well it really was a refreshing thing to have a totlly topsy-turvy day today! :D Had fun actually!!! :)

After what I was yesterday- down in the depths of despair because a few people forgot my existence(including one of my best friends!!! :( )- today was just a BLESSING!!! :)

For The Dreamy Dryad to have rediscovered her dreamy, poetic, upbeat and happy self, a special special thanks is definitely due to all of these people... in their own ways they all made me smile(in the order of the occurence of pacifying me back to normalcy)...
Arvind( for being a total sweetheart! :) For being the AMAZING conversationalist that he is...Oh Bro... u rock!!! :) ),

Dhruvee( for all his sweet concern and affection! Sir D... I owe you one! :) I'll torture you less, i promise.. Now there... Don't start those celebrations! X( X( X( ),

Akki( for just being Akki! She's just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO perfect as Akki! :D Makes no sense to u all??? Well... My Akki understands! ;) A li'l too much sometimes!!! ;) he he!!! )

and my mirror, my shadow- Anoodha( winks! smiles! hugsss! You are the best! :) )

he he.. I'm sooooo moody right? Well... i'm 90% of the days happy... only the other 10% causes the trouble! :D

Resolution of NOW: be less moody! :D


Ramya Shankar said...

New template n all eh ?
Me likes! :)

Dhruv said...

I'm brimming with sympathy for the dog. Imagine being under.... ! [:o]

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Thankee!!! :D Me likesit too!!! :D

X( X( X(

Anonymous said...

er. i think kameez is what you wear on TOP and what you wear under a kurta is called a SALWAR.

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

Wow you are cho chweet ...had someone done it to me ..i would have given him a knuckle sandwich for dinner

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

ooh!!! :D Error rectified!! Thankee!!! :D

Well... I did not go step on the poooooor dog wantedly! Accidents happen!!! :(

*sob sob*

Uncoventional Desi said...

i was just surfing, read ur blog..u write really, really well...it was an absolute delight to read ur blog,keep up the good work!!

Venki said...

one of the funniest incidents i have come across in blogsphere..

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