January 14, 2007

BACK!!! :D

I'm back after a lovely trip to Manipal to attend the 49th annual NASA Convention! :D

I've just had a soul wash and I'm loving it! It seems so darned good to travel around the world, trod those untrodden paths, see the sees and smell the smells...

Woweeeeeee!!! Your gurl's on a dreamsong! :)

All she wants now is to crawl back into lazy life! :)

But well... there's my portfolio to be done... hmmm... I'm gonna work hard this year... with full energy and spirit and dedication. :)

God bless the world! I love this life!!! :D


Rakesh said...

Manipal, thats a lovely place. u r doing a portfolio, i didn't know u had started modeling hee hee;)

Happy pongal :)

Love your life, Live your life.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Modelling ellam illa!!! :P It's a portfolio of my architectural works!!! :P

And yeah.. Hapy Pongal to u too!! :)

Life rocks!!! ;)

Nirenjan Krishnan said...

Welcome back! I see you enjoyed your trip!

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

I had a fantastic time!!! :D

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