November 19, 2006


The embers of yesterday's wild fire

Still burn the fingers hot

The cool wave splash of today

Seems a balm, not!

Time and again, unwaveringly

Echoes of yesterday come to haunt

Masking today's glory

Forever a memory coming to taunt!


BSK said...

naama dhaan firsta? :)

aaha super lines.
apram andha "Scream" photo looks great! :)

Dhruv said...

Seems like a case of the yesterdays. (Yeah, I doubt if you could get a terribler comment! :-))

GIRL said...

Interesting blog Sandhya. I like the fact that you're into art. And thanks so much for those wonderful comments on my site. Goodness, you really made me a happy person by writing all of those sweet things. No, I haven't met A R Rahman, someday I will. Thanks especially for saying that if anyone deserves it, it's me. You seem like an awesome person, what else is there to know about the great Sandhya? Anyways, take care.

Kush said...

Nice poem! Be careful with the punctuation but...


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