November 29, 2006


I really am 'The Damsel in Distress'!!! I'm feeling sooooo low! Just spoke to ravi Uncle(architect)- My mom's friend's husband. He was telling me my portfolio's very important. It should be of half an A4 size and of max 20 pages!!!

WHAT do I have to fill 20 goddamn pages???!?!?!

I have NEVER wanted anything so badly as to get into Doshi's firm!!! :(

Guys… please pray that I fulfill this wee dream of mine!!!

Oh God…….. Please grant me this!!! I wanna go there……



Anonymous said...


I'm sure you'll find a way to get yourself a smashing potrait AND get into Doshi's firm!!!

Anonymous said...

all the best!! :D

Nanga ellam pray panrom unakkaaga

Anonymous said...

hey write abt ur umbrella collections... u'll b able to fill more than 20 pages...[:p][:d]
but unfortunately thy w'll throw u out if u write thos...[:p]

Ramya Shankar said...

Hey good luck babes!! Now that am offcially vetti, will defi pray for ya! :)
20 pages thaane? get started, u might want more! Self-dabba ! :D

Shruti said...

call me sometime :) i'll tell u a secret :D :D

G said...

I will pray for you honey, but one thing dude, I need your help. I tried that link you posted, something isn't working right. This happened a while back with another link too, I don't know what's wrong. Is there any other way I can find you? Are you in any particular group? Oh by the way, your smile is rather contagious. Haha. Ok, talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

All the best! Hey, I would ecstatic if anyone I knew got into his firm. So being a bit selfish really:D

Do you want to work there in your 8th sem or the summer vacs?

Where else are you trying?

Anonymous said...

And Ravi as in SAP Dean Ravi?

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