September 16, 2006


White lies to hide almost white foamy disasters,

A big wave of meaning to the ripple that was life

A big excitement to mask mundane life into oblivion,

A thrill-unable to be expressed to the world,

A hidden horror beneath it all- unable to string to words,

A lovely deep gurgle of joy- inexplicable for want of strength,

Life on a new plane- a new recreated self,

Rebirth-a nice new novel way to prolong survival

A new vision, a new purpose and a new dimension added to existence


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

u taking becoming a sanyasin or something?

legspace said...

so glad u alive man!!!uff that was one horrible moment!!!

Anonymous said...

naah!!! wish i could!!! :( but worldly desires hold me down!

>:D< Hugssss!!!!!!! :)

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