September 09, 2006

How does it feel to be right here doing what i'm doing!!! :)

Well, first and foremost... Let me SCREAMMMMMMMMM to the world:

I'm at BLOGCAMP!!! And Liveblogging about it!!! :D *a wider grin-ny is required!*

It feels fantabulously stupendously wonderful to be amidst geeks and know-it-alls' who, as the name suggest know their blogger from their wordpress! It also feels brilliant to find total I-don't-know-what-all-this-is-about characters like me here alogside! he he!!

Blogcamp has turned out to be way better than what i expected it to be! So MANY people from all parts of the world(yeah... you read it right! WORLD!!!)with their cartload of ideas and opinions and thoughts congregating under one roof to discuss their pet passion- BLOGGING!!!

It feels great to communicate with them, discuss about diferent technicalities of blogging and even simply yapping away to glory about totally unrelated stuff! It's just all about learning that the world's a big place and yet it's nice and there are lots of kindred souls out there who actually put in the same or more time on web waves!

It's JUST SOOOOOOOO great to be live blogging too! Actully reportin live what's happening! I feel like this Super Journo who's reporting live from a heavy activity zone! Hurray to me! :D

The post lunch session's about t begin and here i am, fed well with paneer kurmas and yummy ghee-fried paranthas looking out to join all those fellow bloggers out there- eager, enthusiastic and passionate about this world of ours;full of the zest to reach out to the world, send out their raves and rants travelling across internet-ty skies and passionate to be heard!

Oh I'm back to being in love with the world and sipping in every glorious moment it has to offer! And at present at the Blogcamp, i'm doing heaps of that- learning, making new friends , writing and blogging about it- things that I TOTALLY love doing! What more could a soul ask for?


"Oh the heart is full that a drop over fills it!"


(that is my snug in my skin grin-ny)


radiantbear said...

Im glad your lovin it, Wish I had been there,.;)



Rakesh said...

sheesh i miss such good things in life. anyways enjoy and have fun...

Anonymous said...

lucky you!!!!!!

wish i could've made it!!!

have fun!!make the most of it!

Vani Viswanathan said...

tell me all about it next weekend, girl! :)

Vinesh said...

Sandhya - saw your Orkut scrap.
I couldn't make it.. :-(

Great to hear that you're having so much fun!

Shruti said...

architecture had to take preference again!! **sigh**
tel me all about it later gal. let me know when we're meeting up.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Yeah! Had a helluva time! But I really wish that bloggers like you from across the world who are passionate abt the event could have also joined!!! :)

You sholud have come! It was such an entertaining and informatie event!!!

Gal i wish you'd come!!! :( *sigh sigh* hope exams went well!

Unakku nalla blow-by-blow account kudukkaren makka! :D

I was hoping to catch 'ID Cod' atleast now!!! :( disappointed tat u couldn't turn up! :(

We'll meet up soooooon! *hugs* :D U really really shld have thrown that architecture WORK into kuppathotti for a while and come! F.L.Wright got me an audience prize! ;)

Sergio A. Ortiz Rivera said...

This blog is a real treat to read.... I will make sure that I keep coming back.... Thank you for the link.

Sergio A. Ortiz Rivera said...

I would have loved to have been there...

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