July 30, 2006


Life's letting me taste every flavour of its... one after another it's slowly ensnaring me in its vicious embrace and make me fall in love with its many wondorous ways!!!


The Dreamy Dryad's back to sailing her dreamboat with the vigour and fervour that makes her!!! My lovely mood's back on track as I've settled all the troubles that bothered me and most importantly- dance practice's begun!


We're dancing a western number for Zone NASA and though I'm more of a folk dancer than western, I'm doing okay! Guess what? I'm the Cultural Sec for Zone NASA! :D And all the responsibility and the thrill that comes with keeping up the same is now on yours truly's shoulders and she's just managed to sort out a bit of them knots!

Life's on song again...

I've learnt sooooo much over the last few months that i can hardly believe what all I've gone through!!! No... this isn't any pompous statement or any lack of modesty that's forcing me to tall this. It's just that i want to muse over them here- on my little Dreamodrome to find out how exactly I've changed-for good or worse- from all that's crossed me by!

I've realised life's so unpredictable and beyond your wildest imagination! People may not be what exactly you seem them to be! People have layers like an onion, as they say in Shrek. More often than not, you just see the layers that you want to see in them. You imagine out the rest. If you like someone, you just see one side of them and you just paint a healthy rosy picture of them in your mind's canvas with the other half of them painted just the way you want them to be!

I also realised that there are lots of psychos in this world! LOTS!!! Normal people also have psychotic sides! And similarly Psychos have normal sides. You think they are lovely normal beings till their real swaroopam shows!!! :D And voila... its a whole new warped individual you have there! One or two such unfavourable disgusting characters abound in my vicinity to irk my nerves!

I learnt that I'm very simple to understand. I'm extremely transparent, vulnerable and open! All i say is what i feel! All i do is what i totally beleive in. I am what you can see! And this is DANGEROUS! Really!!! :( I need to be more careful in life! I trust too much! I except too much!

Life's teaching me new things at a nano-second's basis. The sad part is that this means I'M GROWING UP!!!!!! And I don't wanna grow up! :(

Its nice to discover soooo much in life. Its thriling but puts me on a swing of emotions! One day my head's gonna burst with this over-emotional character of mine!!! :(

Well but its pretty nice to be alive and feel the feels and see the sees and hear the hears! :)

Let's see what's in store for the coming years! For now- grin and bear all! The coffee tastes nice generally but sometimes He puts in salt instead of sugar! Just goble it up. The next cup's sure gonan be extra special sweet!!!


July 25, 2006

f e e l i n g b i g . . . f e e l i n g l i t t l e . . .

Moments come in life when all you kno about yourself is that you're undergoing a metamorphosis... you're finding your real identity and you're at your most confused best!

That exactly's how I've been feeling lately! I felt all big and responsible when i successfully completed my 16-day North India tour and now all i feel is lonely and sad and depressed! I've not had great sleep! I'm not going through a great patch either. Too much tension and pressure. We're offf for Zone NASA convention at Trivandrum next month and there's just SO much work to be done!

I'm slightly off my rocker and a lot crabby! Hopefully should feel better!

Well, just wanted to say i'm back and i'm crabby and will post soon!
take care everbody!

July 01, 2006


Ah well The Dreamy Dryad is off for a nice long tour come this July 6th!!! My dear lovely college has arranged for a 16-day trip to the North India as part of our Architectural curriculum! And 25 on 28 from my class and a whole big bunch of our 4th years are off to have fun roaming the streets of Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikhri, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur and Ahmedabad(Pisa... I'm coming! :D )!


he he... I'm pretty excited about the whole thing! This is like the fourth trip I'm going from college and boy oh boy-it's gonna be helluva fun!!!

Can't stop grinning! he he...

Am back on 23rd.

I might post something before i leave... have lots of ideas floating around... Will see... If not- adios! Will come back and bludgeon you with one enormous post... :)
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