June 24, 2006


When Chennai had its biggest bloggers meet …

Ascendas slightly trembled in its foundations due to the presence of a bunch of 25 over-enthusiastic bloggers!

An area called Anna Nagar was officially ousted from the city of Chennai

Engineering got termed the best way to end up with jobs of auto-drivers and sweepers!

Women bloggers made their presence felt and changed tides and made sure they turned up in a good number!

And I ended up with the list of URLs to be posted!


What started at 3 in the afternoon of an exceptionally sultry day in the normally humid Chennai city in the now-well known Ascendas Food Court(The place ROCKS in font size infinity!), turned out to be THE Chennai Bloggers’ Meet till date!

It was super fun, lots of talk[yeah yeah Praveen… I DID contribute a lot to the talk! X( ], LOTS of taking one another’s asses ;) and a bit of ‘blog gyan’ passed on to ill-informed junta(Me! Me! Me! :D ) by the kings ‘n’ geeks of blogworld! Imagine if all that was spread over a tasty cold cup of the yummiest of lime-teas(Lime Tea Sparkler) I’ve had in my life! Ah… I couldn’t have asked for more!

The whole meet turned out one BIG surprise for me! I met, after ten whole years, an old classmate of mine who actually remembered the elastic-strap-hat I used to wear way back in my first standard!!! It truly was an oh-my-God-that-isn’t-YOU-is-it-?-Its-AGES-since-we-last-met moment man! Raghuveer- was super seeing u there pal! :)

I was actually pretty concerned about what people were gonna do after Praveen’s ‘kind’ advice to all bloggers attending the meet, but thankfully no one got along a wad of cotton and Sheky apparently ‘forgot’ his[hmph X( ]!

On the whole it REALLY was THE BEST BLOGGERS MEET I’ve been to![ I wish Vani had been there… Aw Pisa… You SHOULD have come!!! :”( ] And though none of the four people who told me they would mostly turn up- Murali[endhan anbu anna! X( ], Charan, Karthik Murali and ‘Whiny’ Arvind –never came, it still saw me enjoying to the maximum! One…no…two things I was glad of- One-Praveen and Harish did not come and two-Pravenn and Harish did not come! He he… ;) I was spared from the tortures equivalent to being strung up on a cutting rusted metal wire by your tongue from the top corner of the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!! :D Habba!!!

Well… Now for what my duty calls attention to- The list of URLs…

Here goes-in the particular order of your scribbles on my notepad…

Bhargav Ramesh (One funny fellow… Had me clutching my stomach and laughing all through!!! )

Anush Krishnan(I CANNOT forget the sparrow story!!! He he…)

Jammy(Was thrilled to meet one of my favourite bloggers… He’s simply too hilarious)

KausikRam(namma Mark Issuak Thaan… :D Camera vechchu banda pannindrundaar,sir )

Raghuveeran(my old classmate!!! )

Vinayak(was totally enjoying himself but a li’l quietly)

Balakumarmuthu(a quiet person…or did we not give you a spare moment to talk?!)

Ramanujam(namma pettai ivan!)

Kartik(one more of the funny fellows!)

Ganesh A.P.P(beware of the Sagaro card! ;) )

Sharique(‘had a blog posted on his tee’, as Jammy remarked!!!)

Aishwarya Rao(a very sweet and nice person! Enga area thaan!!)

Kartik Kannan(The unofficial ‘spammer’ of blogsville! :D )

Kiruba Shankar (King Kribs… Do I need to say any more? :) )

S(h)ekar (treat-kudukaama escape ayittaru namma sir! Grr…. Iru iru… naanga 99 times vandhu spam panrom un blog-la! Yihaahaaa… *evil grin* >:D )

Katheeja(An architect in the making… was delighted to see someone so enthu about architecture!)

Hamsini(I was delighted to meet her!!! She’s one fun-party! Coca-cola voda jollu…ahem…water supply ivanga thaan panraango! He he!!!)


Nina(Quietly observed the proceedings and started opening out only towards the end…)

Varun Rajan( He found great satisfacshunnnnnn in the meet ;) )

Rekha Rajan(Jammy’s wife and blogger…constantly supervising Jammy! :D )

Rahul Maniyar(not very talkative but not too quiet! )

The three other Mesdames who had to leave early-Please leave your URLs here…

It was fantastic meeting you all and I really have no words to describe how much I enjoyed the whole time I was there, more than what the above 719 words could convey! And thank you all for the fun time! Those who couldn’t make it- You sure missed something good! Yeah yeah, there were the ‘dips’ in conversation but then that was fun too-counting silence!

So ppl- I promise you to drop by soon at your nest in blogsville! Till then- tata bye bye and take care!

However long you stayed, it was a great exchange of ideas, thoughts and vetti talks.And for the last ones to leave, well, it all ended with KOKA!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Delightful meeting you as well!*squish*

S said...

was super meeting you!! :)

url is http://freakspace.blogspot.com

Raghuveeran said...

bloggers meet went superb...i was happy meeting u after 10 long yrs...in tis kinda tech park on special occasion lik tis...gr8 to meet big buddies lik jammy & kiruba....

Anonymous said...

1)Ok its Baggy Ramakrishnan and not Ramesh.

2) Kiruba is missing.

3) Ash is no good, she destroyed me :p

4) Sarani aka Crazy Caphor: http://crazycamphore.blogspot.com

5) Ganesh APP: http://bothack.wordpress.com

6) Baggy: http://bothack.wordpress.com

7) Nushi: http://bothack.wordpress.com

8) Kaushit: http://bothack.wordpress.com

9) cotton buds were missed...

10) Good post :D

Raytracer said...

and 11) Varun Rajiv and not Rajan :D
Er... I know it's more work from your side, but it'd be nice if those URLs were converted to links :)

It was an awesome meeting! Great to meet so many bloggers. Had a lot of fun!

tSUNamI said...

Bhargav Ramesh would be me.. Wel thou technically asSagaro pointed out, I'd be Bhargav Ramakrishnan. Thanks for the links.. Wil have a post up on my blog soon enuf.. Great job, wil visit all the links..

Subramanian Ramachandran said...

hope blogger's meet turned out nice.......

I am disapped i missed the meet :(, went to office..anga irunthu varalam ninaichen...... mmmmmmm

from the list i see, none of the ppl i know, except you and mark isuak and sheky, came

hope we wud be having one more blogger meet for the benefit of those who have missed :D

Kartik Kannan said...

Hey cool write up,kinda summarizes the essence of the meet...


Spammer :-)

Aravind said...

cha.. i misssed it.... couldnt come to chennai :(

Camphor said...

More spamming. who else left early? - Sarani

Link to slighta dead blog:

varsha said...

Nice round up of the day!! Had fun - varsha

Here's the URL tho I have to warn u, i ain't regular (and that's an understatement!) - www.rusticmystic.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Sandhya that was quick work. I had to write something on the blog meet...so here goes.

Ramanujam said...

zxdefinitely it was THE bloggers meet.....great to see so many ppl,but missed some like suderman,prav,magix,vani....:(

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you!! Nice post

Sheks said...

by the time i cud make it to this meet i totally ran out of cash(most of which was spent boozing,the day we heard our names being called out by the univ placement officer).remind me the next time and i'll SERIOUSLY throw a treat.

in fact i asked u "enna venum-nu sollu" while u were ordering.u missed a chance!

Murali said...

hmmmm guess i shudnt have missed it :D lotsa new faces... aaga !!!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

3) Ash is no good, she destroyed me :p

gapp lets fight, dont give up

didnt really miss anyone, it was a riot, the chocolate cake cut, was better than a cut on hamlet ;)

Vani Viswanathan said...

DAMN!! :( is staying in ahmedabad/singapore a huge mistake?!?!

Anonymous said...

WOW !! That must be a real fun gathering!

just curious: Why was
Annanagar-ites excluded from the meet ?

Ms. Lane said...

damn i feel so bad not having gone for the meet now..anyway good to hear u all had fun

Ashwin said...

hey next dhaba meet panrepo nee kandi enayum godha le kootiko ma..

Pettai le puvundu pattaya kelapirlam..

A K Ravishankar said...

hi nice blog yaar.pls keep me updated

Surya said...

wowowowow....thats a wonderful initiative......

cud u tell me how u started this...
it wud be grt to organise something like this in Bangalore too.....

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