May 24, 2006


It takes very little things to make me happy... But big things to make me totally sad... but i become moody often!I'm just this 'extreme' kind of person, as you all might have figured out. At present, for extremely simple things, i'm THRILLED to Bits!!! One bad exam sent me into the depths of despair. But when it's followed by an extremely simple one that you do well, wow... What amazing things it does to you! Almost rejuvenates your self! And follow it immediately with another nice 'chummy chummy' time with your friends! Two of my Dear dear close friends- GAJU(Dosti) and Uma(Pappa) had their birthday today and we cut a cake just after the exam and had a fantabulous time!!!

Met a couple of my very dear seniors- Meanie(one of my best friends!) and Kums anna! That thrilled me to bits!!! And end it with a lovely long talk with my sweeto Nanditha! :D Aww... I couldn't have asked for better!

God... Thanks for this perfectly blissful day! :)

hugs to u!!!


Subramanian Ramachandran said...

very nice to see a feel good post from you sandhya :)

Hope you post regularly and my sixth sense says every exams this semester gonna make you happy

Ed said...

I am glad to see you happy again. Trust me on this. It's a good virtue that little things can turn around your moods. Very few have that ability...
Have a brilliant day.

Anonymous said...

thank u dosti for your wishes..... and u have made me so proud my including my name in ur blog.... once again thanks a lot!!!....

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