March 24, 2006



tweens= age 15 and near it! Hence I’ve entered my ‘twies’(I’ve made this up myself!!! :D)-that is, twenties!!! Thanx Pisa for correcting me!!!

A New Leash of life=> A new lease of life!!! Thanx Moron for correcting me!!!

The Dreamy Dryad takes a bow to ppl better at the English language that she so loves and declares that further such corrections are welcome with open arms! :D


I’m someone who loves to take lonely walks on my terrace. The cool air blowing uninterrupted from the direction of the Marina cools my very being! It erases all the tiredness accumulated over the day and injects in me a sense of tranquility!

These days, my terrace, has doubled up to be the oft sought refuge for my friends and myself, whenever they visit home. Even a few seconds there breaks the reserve and ice and thaws us sso much that we open up our souls to one another.

Twice in the last one month has this happened. Long, uninterrupted, beautiful conversations have poured out with ease between us! It’s cemented friendships and made us more close to one another. I got yet another best friend, learnt so much more today about one of my very very close friends(this was in Whiny’s house in Besant Nagar, overlooking the beach. Aaah! ). A lovely lovely place-the terrace!!!

This Sunday, my entire class’s coming over for my budday treat and where else to go but the Upper storey! Well, I’m REALLY looking forward to the further bonding with my dear bum-chums of my class! Already,after the Kancheepuram trip, the class is like one united bunch! After a big problem we got into last week, its all the more united.Let’s see what more magic my terrace can weave…



neighbour said...

yellar veetum mottai maadi appdi thaanungaaa... adhuku mattum vai irudhuchu pala kathai sollum..

If we friends meet in house mottai maadi is the best of the best place to share everthing..

Even in my collage hostel mottai maadi plays a vital role.. Most of the day we spend atlest 1-2 hrs in terrance some days entire night..
adhu oru kanaa kaalam..

adthulam paakathu veetula figure irundhuchunaaa mottai maadi thaan boolooga sorgam....

Aravind said...

Nostalgia... I miss those cricket matches and long chats I used to hav with my friends on the terrace inmy flats in chennai!!! :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

big problema? aapana enna my college the biggest problem possible is not wearing the ID card ...or ID-Cod as my principal puts it ....and we are fined 500 bucks

Ramya Shankar said...

Oh absolutely a fantastic place!! Why don't u try climbing over the water tank if any. Its even more awesome, when u hear water rippling under u. Make sure u have proper ground.

The Talkative Man said...

appreciate your love for the english language. But why must you use words like 'budday', 'bum-chum' and the like?

Sheks said...

what more magic my terrace can weave

the sight of electric trains.

Rakesh said...

so true sandya, terrace can be lot of fun. When i was in Thane(maharashtra) i always used to wander in my terrace and there the terrace is huge terrace of two buildings combined together. And whenever i go there someone or the other form the two flats will be there. Thats how i got to know most of the people in my apartment or else i would have never known about any of them...:)

Vani Viswanathan said...

Stories of the terrace.... I miss them, especially the long chats we had on your house terrace! ;) Boo hostel got no accessible terrace!! :(

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