December 21, 2005


This is a tale of woe… One you would never have heard of before or one which moves the very stoniest of hearts... Muster courage ye and read on… for I’m going to tell you how a 3 cm long creature brought down my little world of dreams…

It all started with my sister, one fine evening, declaring that there was some wriggly-squiggly creature behind my study room curtain. I went, “Hmmm.. your imagination! Don’t think there’s anything!”. But due to her persistence, very bravely, I went upto the curtain with the Jaanavaasam Vadi of my father [he he… Appa-amma kalyanathukkaprom ipdi thaan adhukku use! ;)] and prodded the curtain. Imagine my horrorest of horrors when a chuntaani rat pops up and runs about!

That was just the beginning… That rat, which I thought had safely left the cramped confines of my study room apparently, had loved the comforts of my computer table! Sigh! Maybe it was hungry…maybe it was an animagus of some enemy of mine but THAT WRETCHED RAT has wrecked my computer table…

Boo hoo… My eyes run dry on this recap! :(

Mr.Rat nibbles my internet wire, feasts on my headphone-Mike wire and tears into itsy-bitsy bits my precious speaker wires. The novice that I am, I solder all the above to disastrous results. Three things I so totally adore in my computer are these and that bloody 3cm thingy destroyed it!!!! I could have squeezed it in my hand till its innards
Had popped out! Ugh!!!

So Operation Krazy Rat began(Er… I couldn’t find Mortein Rat Kill in that store :(

Bits and pieces of Krazy Rat (yeah yeah.. it was crazy with a k… Manufacturer must be an Ekta Kapoor fan… he he) lay scattered on all that was my floor and beyond… I wrapped my computer table up in newspaper and all… YET YET that bloody rat somehow squeals and sneaks into my stupid computer table and eats off the spare internet wire, does something to my modem and bites thru my handy cam box(thank god the object was saved! Phew!)

Braving Chennai’s rains, I got down doing some action… DESTROY the rat…DESTROY the rat.. I kept repeating to myself… And to my great joy, I procured MORTEIN RAT KILL!!!! So after re-protecting my computer table with further card boards and charts and newspapers (Ah! Now u know I don’t do Architecture for nothing!!! ) I left bits of rat kill all over…

Imagine my triumph when even after two days the rat didn’t come! I successfully killed something in my life!!! I feel a mixture of joy and sadness… But sadly… I still religiously cover up my computer and every other crevice in my house! L Some habits die late…

Sigh! Whatever it be, I just believe

“Killing a rat a day keeps the computer at bay!”


Priya Arun said...

I'm impressed that you did it yourself! :-) I would have asked my poor hubbie to do it >:)

Enjoyed reading your post!

Anonymous said...

not kidding. i've run away from my flat after putting Mortein Rat Kill near thw indows, the trash can etc. 4-5 rats have literally taken over my house. one even climbed over me while sleeping. yuck!

I hope it does the job. I hope it is over FAST. found this encouraging story by googling.

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