October 18, 2005


I’ve not been regular at the desk! I have never visited many of your sites all along. I check out only three regularly. Still you all keep coming. Twice, I gave it up and a little later, continued again. It’s created a million blossoms with a million thorns.

*drum rolls*

No… this is not going to be a big thank-you list but it’s one retrospective post with a few thank-yous (come on, I can’t cut that out, can I?)

An year of blogging, with a dial-up connection; with frequent quarrels erupting at home due to the telephone bills can be quite a lot of pain. There have been times when I actually cursed myself for getting into the habit. God, why did you make Sudhish tell me that there was something called a blog where you could let out steam? But well, for reasons unknown, God DID make him tell me and I got into this obsession.

Initially I blogged frequently, visited many sites, left comments-sometimes for the joy of commenting, sometimes to maintain my readership. But later with no time at hand, mounting college work and huge bills, I gave it up an regularly visited and visit those three blogs (Vani,Harish,Sudhish) and also frequent two others- Murali and Vinesh. I visit loads of others too, but irregularly!

I’ve had a great time reading other’s thoughts, raves and rants; trying to understand the genius or lack of it in their writing, laugh, cry, scream exasperatingly at kadis(you know WHO I mean,don’t you? ;) ), read some super creative stuff, some simple but beautiful pieces of literary worth(Vani’s stories), made great friends and got a dear loving brother(Murali), attended two Blog meets and had a wonderful unforgettable time(esp. St.Thomas Mount!!!) and most importantly listening to people appreciating me and having the confidence now that ‘I can write’.

On the downside, I’ve had numerous arguments and fights at home, unsubmitted assignments, poor internal marks, stopped mailing people, writing on paper reduced drastically, troubled and disturbed my mind as to what to blog next and a million other reasons, felt the pains of a writer’s block, felt the pain of almost giving up what’s grown to be a most-looked-after-weekly-joy and to sum up underwent a rollercoaster ride of emotions with its shares of ups and downs!

I may not blog regularly even now, but I sure will tell my tale when I have one. Blogging has changed many facets of my personality and is helping me evolve, collect my thoughts, try different genres of writing prose (sarcasm, wit, direct), let out my poetic outbursts and at the same time mould the writer in me with the feedback I get. As a person too, blogging has changed me a lot. For better- it’s made me take criticism in the right spirit, made me bold enough to meet new people, make new friends,etc. For worse- broken my confidence in myself at times, took away the scrap of modesty that I possessed till date, made me a big muddle-head and mess-pot!

I look back at this one year with both fond and bitter memories. I realized one thing- I should NEVER give it up because it lends a purpose to my life! I’ve loved this year here and though with a mixture of joy and a streak of regret at having started to blog, I want to say, I’ll continue to keep DREAMING ON, now and forever!

Now for my thank yous………

Thank you, Sudhish for introducing me to blogging
Thank you, all of you who’ve visited my blog, even once! It made hell of a difference!
Thank you, my dear critics- my sister, my classmates, to members of my family who check it out regularly (Shreeram anna, Navin anna, thanks!), to one of my friend who’s a regular visitor(Anita, thanks!), to all those who’ve read even a scrap of my crap(hey that was just for rhyme! You better not think that way, ok? :D )
Thank you, Vani and Harish, for reading every single bit of my trish-trash, it REALLY made a difference!
Thank you, ALL… Do keep dropping in! It makes a great difference. I’ll visit you whenever I can! I promise!



Anonymous said...

THANK YOU-Sandhya! for Great Writing for Reading...

Harish said...

You forgot to scream "turn off the damn timer!" like Julia Roberts did in her Oscar speech!

Vani Viswanathan said...

thank you for giving me your blog url a year ago. that's how i finally created my blog account, something i'd wanted to do since class 10.

Anonymous said...

Lol. It's a pleasure to read your blog, Sandhya. You shouldn't be thanking us. It should be the other way around. In any case, congrats on completing one year. I am not as dedicated as you. ;)

Rakesh said...

Hey nice post yaar. As aarti ^ said i think we should be the ones who should be thanking you. Also you were one of the few people who comment in my blog. So keep up the good work. It's been some time since i last commented in this blog. And as you said never give up writing continue your great writing...

Suderman said...

touch pannitay!
great going! :)
i feel ashamed i dont check everyday. but i really do check at least once in a week or 10 days cuz u dont blog daily anyway illai? ;)

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