August 14, 2005


The night was slowly creeping its way into the world. Smriti looked around at the unfamiliar surround. It was a decent hotel room with white-washed walls and comfortable furniture. She looked out of the window. The town lay shrouded in darkness with the pale moon shining mistily across the distant skies beyond the mountains, with a star or two peeking between their cloudy covers, keeping vigil. The spooky stories she had heard about this sleepy town, in her childhood, played in her mind. For a second she shivered at the thought. She felt frightened, alone.

She looked up again and smiled. She took out her notepad and wrote,

“It might be very frightening to stay alone sometimes. But after a few seconds, things do seem comfortable and friendly. It’s nice and cosy here in this place. I guess it’s because there are things like night, stars, sky even here. For that matter, that is why sometimes, even if we are far far away from home, we feel a home-like atmosphere because nature always follows us… unfailingly and unfalteringly. True, nature never did betray the heart that loved her!”

*This is a story re-hashed from a personal experience. I thought I would post it as such. But just wanted to get a go at short story writing. :) *


krishna said...

nice post..

Wat u have experienced is indeed very true..There is a chance 2 get betrayed by even the closest of ur friends..but only a few things in life ..things that don't expect any reward back 4 their actions have this wonderful quality...they are god-like..hence, people that are more self-less are bound 2 become better friends..just like the sun,moon and the stars...They just do wat they are supposed 2 do..:)..

Anonymous said...

Having moved from a small town to the big city Chennai, I share the same feelings. Even though the atmosphere is noisier and rushed, I always make time to go upto the terrace and pay homage to the stars which I have grown up watching.. Of course, the planes are new additions to the night view and completely spectacular..

Ah, short stories.. such wondrous creations.. Feelings well-expressed, few words and a deep emphasised ending line..

True, nature never did betray the heart that loved her!
Sniff.. sadly, we did betray mother nature but that's another topic.

And about my previous comment, I meant the 'friendly stalker' phrase only in terms of the virtual world. ;) It was to refer to my stalkerish tendencies to frequently haunt your blog.

Keep writing!

Murali said...

hey sissy,

engenthu thookine itha??? BTW whether all this is really true , only personal experience will tell...

your ever-lovin annathe...

Anonymous said...

Hey sandy..nice post. Have just moved from chennai to a small, lousy town called kottayam. This is my first time alone, in hostel; have the feelings uve mentioned in ur post. Check ur email n reply da.. Srinivas.

Anonymous said...

did u read S Thyagarajan's article today?
(unrelated to ur blog)

Anonymous said...

hey sandy really liked the starting i think u should go on wit it and make it longer...the 1st para was good and interesting didn't like the second 2much puss!en paiduthu(tamil) offence

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