August 24, 2005


Dreams there you blow towards me again and again… So much so that I believe you’ll come true. You should… cos you’ve come so often, that I can see you blooming true.

There are other dreams I dream, yes. Some more important than this, some less. But this is too close to heart for me to stop dreaming.

In many ways have the omens indicated that it’ll come true. MANY ways. Yet at times, events and people emerge to discourage me, to make me feel insecure and beaten. And then, I see yet another omen to tell me, “Dream on…” You’ll see the light!

I believe in destiny.MAKTUB, as Paulo Coelho says in his Alchemist. If it’s destined for things to happen, they will. But sometimes, unforeseen by God himself, man challenges destiny, changes it and there’s born a miracle!

I don’t know if it’s destined but it looks like it. I don’t know if I’ve to fight destiny. But, I’ll, if I have to…

The other dreams- I KNOW they’ll come true. But this one… there sometimes lingers a doubt. Sometimes, I have the KNOWLEDGE that it will! Actually this dream began with a pre-knowledge. I KNEW stuff before they were seen. Uncanny!

Vague… you must be murmuring. It is- to you. But not to me! Maybe one day all of you’ll come to know of it coming true. Maybe it’ll die… NO NO it won’t! It WILL come true!

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Harish said...

I agree with the title! :(

I feel like a dudwit..

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