August 03, 2005


My dremas soar up,
I look up at the silver shine
All around me is beauty
My eyes fillme with wonder light

And as I shift gaze down
I fall, fall and fall below
Passing the star the moon,et al!
The wonder disappears in a flash of light

I fall on the ground
Hard on my face
I’m bruisd
I’m hurt
I’m mentally pained

I look above
See no shine
No beauty either
Nothing but a blazing firmament

Burning through my eyes
Burning every fibre
Burning a hole
Through my very soul

I walk and walk
But find no calm
The mind is still haunted
By those dizzying heights
Those heights I touched,oh
For a wee moment
But what a moment that was!

And now all I have to my hand’s graspis dull, bald and boring
Nothing to waken the senses
Nothing to interest the mind
Nothing to make the heart leap
Oh nothing save nothing, is mine!

I want, I want, I want many many things
I get few, I fly, I fall down hard
The skies are where my heart is,
The earth is where my feet!

And still the eyes look above,
Knowing that the end is defeat
My longings-so many
My dreams-countless
A few do bloom
A few fall down
I go to great heigts
And see great lows
My life-a see-saw, in disguise.

Oh dear, how long, how long, I ask?
This highs and joy and lows and naught?

The soul cringes,
The heart pains
The mind is numb
The body does ache

Oh dear oh dear
Grief struck her blow
I’m depressed, beyond words
I’m oh-so-low!
Oh, Life is forever,a Mirage!


Harish said...

enakku indha feelings poetry ellam puriyaathu-nu unake theriyum.. but me got a general word of advice..

Poetry is spontaneous. Agreed. But it still doesn't hurt to proof-read once before publishing.

Arjuna said...

he he - yes - this poetry requires severe proof reading - but definitely a good effort :)

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

onnum puriyala :)

Sheks said...

akka,enakku poetry-naa allergy.

Anonymous said...

spelling check pannungooooo!

Jinguchakka said...

Good One! I guess you open the blog and post straightaway! maybe using notepad might avoid complaints above! :-)

Vinesh said...

dreams unlimited :-D

Anonymous said...

You have great talent in writing.Keep writing poems.

Rakesh said...

ya definitely needs proof reading but the poem is really good. but i got lost in the middle though.

krishna said...

that was gud..

Yeah,everything in life is Maaya :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandhya,
Don't worry about the complaints by others. Typos do occur even if one doesn't intend to. I found the poem to be.. perhaps.. an internal reflection of yours.. Hmm..

I go to great heights
And see great lows
My life-a see-saw, in disguise.

My poetic instinct (though might be nil) tells me that the heights signify your dreams and things that make you happy. The low signifies the downtime of life.. If I look at it from a general perspective, I might derive something else.. But I am not telling. hehe.

Great poem. I sincerely hope that you reach heights rather than lows, which I am sure you will.

By the way, Happy friendship day from this friendly neighborhood stalker.

Anonymous said...

i liked the seemed 2 have an inner meaning intended or not..we always look out for sumthing better to come can never be without ups and downs and if it was it would be really boring....

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