August 24, 2005


Yeah, that’s me! I always want more. Dissatisfaction is what runs my life. So if anyone out there is very keen on playing god fairy to me, then hey, you’re always welcome to get me the following!(in no particular order but for the one that it popped in my mind..)

Convince my close friend to not take a plunge into spirituality! Sigh!
BUY SWADES cd. Vani are you listening? :)
a hard disk with 120 GB capacity
A bigger house with a separate room for myself
A PROPER computer table
A new bag, pouch, wallet, better photo in my ID cod(he he!)
BROADBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Scream scream*
Finish my climatology book by Monday
Do well in my design review
Do well in II semester. Results still not out! :”( hopefully I should have passed in Drawing!
Paint my desk and give it a whacky look!
Finish Lord of the rings. I seem to find no time for the amazing book!
Help my sister with her project
Buy a Scooty Pep/ A cycle, at least!
Publish a book
Celebrate an year of blogging by riding a horse on the empty beach
Take more walks on the terrace
Write more and more and more
Meet Sarojini Naidu and have a discussion about what inspiring visions make her write poetry (oh… I’m in love with her at present!). Sadly she’s dead! Boo Hoo!
Watch Mangal Pandey with friends-all 27 of us!
Win LOTS in Zonal NASA(National Association for the students of Architecture)
Learn Kathak and Bharathanatyam
Learn Hindustani Music
Sing Ra ra song on stage
Dance for Dola re again
Act in a play. It’s AGES since the last one!
Prizes in 3 competitions I’ve participated in
Bunk college, sit at home with a steaming cup of Milo, and look out at rain lashing the world outside with a lovely book in hand, dreaming some, reading some and penning the occasional poem…
Write in my diary more often!
Writethe5stoiries brimming in my head but REFUSING to be written!
Somehow keep getting 500 bucks and 24 free hours in a day!
Join the United Nations on some peace mission
Educate someone later
Spread environmental consciousness
Start a club for kids
Step-cut my hair
Shape my eyebrow every other week (I do it once in 1.5months now. Yuck!)
Revamp my wardrobe and the sucking education system
Make one PERSISTNG dream come true…
Travel… preferably alone or with some kindred spirit… Pratyusha, my sister, cousin, Vani would be great options!
Watch a cricket match with Lakshmi
Watch a live A.R.Rahman concert up-close with Lakshmi, Vani and Harish with Kartik and Sonu featuring in the singers list.
Become a real witch for a day!!!
Buy a monkey and call it Mischief(Enid Blyton, hats off!)
Build my dream library and call my old school’s librarian and all my English teachers and my 10th History teacher for the inaugural. It should have all my favourite books……
Buy gold bangles for my mom’s wonderful hands that conjure up the world’s best tea!

Oh well… I could go on… Part two will come soon!


Harish said...

andha monkey male-a irundha Misterchief-nu paeru vei. ok-va?

Vivhyd said...

hey sandhya.. nice one..

with ur earlier post ?!? .. where u had discussed abt gothrams and stuff.. i did muse over this thing of urs..

//// Crap no 2: when a girl gets married, she shouldn’t marry a boy of the same gothram as they are considered brother-sister. As Vani and I discovered, if the girl gets married into the Gothram which once was her mother’s, won’t she be a sister/ cousin of that boy? Ah… there you got it. ////////

well then i tried to c.. if u did bring up a logical point there.. along with vani .. well.. read the lines in this link and let me knw.. if it answers ur quest.. i am still confused thgh.. or if u already did find out let me knw..


Anonymous said...

Looks good ! I wll be back



Anonymous said...

wil give u All of those, talk to me Once in love wit ur writing...and i absolutely HAVE to know u.. Not a pshychostalker or serial killer.promise.cross my heart..please.

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

He he! Ogay! Nee solli naan ketkamaya?

will chk it out!

Thanku! So much...

I din get ya! Can ya be more specific?

Hi! Mailme at
And i'm flattered!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Part 2 is still left? Oh boy.
'Mischief'- lol. Enid bylyton and her books.. yes, I grew up with them too.
You know, I was really touched by the 'buying gold bangles for amma part...' sniff. Should do the same, right?
Will wait for part 2. Dream on.

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Good one:)
visiri mandram veraya nadathunga :)

Sheks said...

@@##??***??***.Part 1-kke ippadi tala suthuthae,part 2 eppadi irukkumo.
jus part 2 soon.

Eldo thomas aka Eldorados said...

1234345678990!!!!come on i got nothin to commment.

Eldo thomas aka Eldorados said...

1234345678990!!!!come on i got nothin to commment.

Vani Viswanathan said...

come online someday...we'll talk about swades. ;)
man...i have just one wish now.......a whole week to be jobless!!! and i say, JOBLESS!!!
i'd love to come to all those places you wanted me to come along....and guess what, i'm not going to the a.r.rahman concert here... :'( sniff, sniff!!

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