August 07, 2005


First things first- HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all you blog-friends out there! You have no clue how important you all are to me! It really feels nice to have you all aroundpassing on your encouragement and love. Really, when I started out to blog- in October(after Sudhish told me this was one good way to let the world see your writing), I never knew-
1) I would take blogging so seriously and generate quite a good number of readers.
2) Make so many friends, a best buddy and a brother too… :)

So this is basically just a thanksgiving post to all of you!
Be good. Keepsmiling. Take care and keep coming here. It makes helluva difference! :)


Harish said...

and happy friendship day to u too :)

Vinesh said...

You made a best friend and a brother through the blgoworld! :)
That's so cool! :-)

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