August 07, 2005


(Dedicated to my dearest Pratyusha… Hey, I miss you di! Distances part us! But our thoughts are still with each other! Glad we’re always there for each other! Wish we stayed closer!)

A storm ranges in my heart
And I look out for you
Where have you gone my dear friend?
When I need you most?

I search and search and search in vain
I know you’re there for me now and again.
But come to me, my dear friend
Come to me when you hear my call
Maybe I never more would call again!

Our friendship is not of words or praises
It is a deep understanding of looks and smiles
Its nice, its weird, its good-bad- everyway!
Oh dear friend, I miss you
I wish you were here today.

My turmoil, my trepidation
My moments of pain, my vision.
You know them all
Even before I tell you.
I blink, I sneeze, I cough, I stutter
Whatever I do- you know what’s the matter!

Dear gal, my forever friend,
My shadow, my dream,
My endless joy.
I want you by my side,
To share my tears and smiles.
Always always, be there here
At a thought’s distance, very near!
May you be there always for me,
As I am always going to be!

(And all you wonderful people out there, who care enough for me/my writing and keep coming here to pass a word of encouragement- THANKS! Happy friendship day to you all! Great to know you!)


Anonymous said...

It is a deep understanding of looks and smiles
Its nice, its weird, its good-bad- everyway!

(nods in enthusiastic agreement) Bravo! Well said!

I have a best friend who is studying in Sikkim Manipal while I am here. We are living in two opposite corners of the country. It's tough.. I share the same feeling.
It's great to know you too.. (I always state the obvious, don't I?)
Have an awesome day.

Leon said...

Happy Friendship Day.. :-)

Prashant said...

My friend is also far away, Yet is also close enough. Miles away from me, Yet just a few seconds away.

Happy Friendship day

Vani Viswanathan said...

I'm sure Pratyusha will be shedding tears of joy when she reads this...but I'd say, man, she sure deserves it!!!!

cvraman said...

Thanks for the beautiful words. This is what exactly going in my mind when I heard from my friend that she is missing me soooo much. I tooo miss such a wonderful person in life, that's when I discovered distance matter..

Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing u are toooooooo gud .....

most expressive and felt thru ... i wept remembering my far away freind[nisha] after reading this !! getting nostalgic now !!

God Bless You !!

Anonymous said...

i agree sandy...friends mean so much in this world.A day doesn't go by without me thinking about how such wonderful friends i college,school....u mean a LOT 2 me.i will always be there for u,like u have been and will be for me...
times change....people change....
but some bonds last forever...(thats the power of friendship)

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