August 21, 2005


In life, there always occurs a transformation. From the cocoon comes the butterfly. Life moves on; staging its various acts one after another. Sometimes it is a slow and long-drawn process. And sometimes, as is in my case, it’s an abrupt jump or rather a metamorphosis.

From eighteen, I’ve jumped to eighty- or so says the world around!!!

Ah… there is the first indication of the weakness in my bones and mind.

Ok… enough of the over build-up. This post has been due for almost a month and just now did I have time to actually sit down and type.

In recent times, poor eighteen year old me has been the favourite punch-bag of lots of dear ones. Tracing the origin, it all started with moron Curses telling me my voice sounded like a ‘kezhavi’s’ over the phone! The voice, that has been called ‘amazing over the mike’, ‘very expressive’, ‘emotional’ now got this ‘compliment’. I swear da, I could have slit your throat! Well, knowing it was only Harish who always makes it a point to irritate me every day, I just gave up the matter. Sadly he till has not given it up and refers to it quite often!(I’ve a good mind to put up an audio blog and ask for votes to support me!)

But Sandhya did not sense that it was just the beginning… close friend, classmate and bus mate Nanditha after patiently listening to one tiny advice session of mine staunchly declared,” Sandhya, you’re one Mother Hen, me a list of dos and don’ts!”

Doom 2 was bad! But Doom 3 was worse…
Being the class rep of a bunch of 25 annoying yet sweet people can be a trial, especially when you have such whiny vice-reps like ex-blogger Arvind Caulagi! (Sorry, couldn’t resist Arvi!:D ) And during one of those times when I had to silence the class, as some external examiners had come, lots of my class people endorsed Nanditha’s opinion, much to my greatest displeasure and irritation.

Well that was the last straw. I yelled madly! But it wasn’t to be.

My friend Vikram had called me up for some help regarding a drama company he wanted to start. I was to read scripts and help him with some sponsorship letters (that I did neither in the end, is a different story!). I told him, “Don’t worry da. I’ll help you with any such work. Don’t hesitate.” “Ok granny!” came the reply from the other end! I was furious and at the same time, laughing like a jackass! From then till date, he’s calling me granny.

Ever heard of a story of an 18-yr old girl being called ‘sister’ by half the planet? Well, let me introduce to you, Sandhya Ramachandran- your fellow blogger at blogsville! I have enough number of cousin brothers and 5 adopted brothers ( Rahul, Murali, Immesh, Arvind and Shayileash) and well, THAT’S ALL!!! Sorry, the vacancy’s all filled. Moreover, everyone in this world can’t be your brother! One- the position of a brother is precious and reserved. Two- the position of a friend is pure too.

Hmmm..Not that I’m bitter. It’s very funny to hear all that. But at times, it does irk. And irks my heartstrings! :”(

Forget all this. After dancing for 4 hours continuously at a freshers’ party that our seniors threw, my leg’s been disobeying me. It pains when I walk. Bending my knee is torture! Now why won’t I call myself 18 going on 80?

So much for a girl who’s an outright romantic!

Am I girly or a granny?
Oh god wont you tell me which?

I feel confused and irritated too
And when I’m called mother, I go ‘Boo Hoo’.

What in the world do these people think?
How can I change from granny to girl in a wink?

It’s funny at times, but mostly hurting,
My tear glands are full, readily spurting

Sister, mother, granny dear,
“So early?” the girl in me fears.

Can’t I be just me- plain simple me?
Why can’t everyone just me, see?

God, bringing your power, intervene.
Make me a girl, a pretty queen!!!



Harish said...

awwww.. don't take it too hard..

ivalo vayasu aagi neeye feel pannina engala maathiri chinna pasangalukku yaaru inspiration-a irukarathu? :P

Vani Viswanathan said...

first romba sorry.
second, lol!
chumma sollitu potum...voice-oda power ellarukkum theriuma?? :)

Harish said...

wait....this is some other Harish..not the regular one..
Nice to read ur blog...
I remember thinkin along the same lines when i was in college...(ur brother thing can be replaced by sister thing for me)
He he he...Too cruel a life na???

Murali said...

So u dance too???? :D

neoronin said...

An eighteen year old girl having the wisdom of an eighty year old paati. I dont think it sucks. I believe you're over reacting for a positive statement. Excuse me, if i miss any sarcasm or humor in your poem.

Peelamedu_bulls said...

Eppa eppa eppa...evalavu feelings..
Mudivaa ennathaan solla vareenga...

Eldo thomas aka Eldorados said...

Hey!!!u've must have put on a lot of effort to build thiz blog.anywayz keep kickin!!!

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

:))))))))))) LOL

Anonymous said...

hi!!!!this one i liked 2...ur not mother hen or granny or sister ur more than that ur a "sweetheart" and i think u know it.if u don't well let me tell "u sandy ur a sweetheart,a wonderful friend".i am happy to be wit u and the rest of the class....(u should right about the college koothu!)

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of each of my birthdays... Every year it's the same thing over and over again. I stare at the mirror and wail. Ah, I fear old age... Don't worry, Sandy. We are all on the same sinking boat.

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