August 07, 2005



Okie people out there, you better sit up and listen, cos I’m now gonna tell you some important news.

The Chennai Poets’ Circle is a forum started in 1998 as ‘Poets Foundation’ and was renamed so in 2003. It’s this really cool forum of which I’m a member. We meet up every month and read and discuss our poetry. It’s fun, if you are interested in poetry. If not, you still will like it, because you get to listen to veterans in the field of poetry.

I joined last year and I’m proud to be a part of it. This year, we are releasing an anthology of our poems- ‘Efflorescence’, like last year, and also conducting our SECOND NATIONAL SEMINAR ON ‘THE FUTURE OF INDIAN POETRY IN ENGLISH’ on Sunday, 18 September 2005 at The Madras Kerala Samaj, no. 903, Poonamallee High Road, Chennai-600 084.

Eminent personalities from the literature field and otherwise are going to be present and papers will be presented by noted scholars. Newcomers will be given an opportunity to read out their poems on the stage.

Admission is free and it would just be great to have you guys there. One- I can get to meet the people who I’ve been reading. Two- you can have an enriching time there.

DO MAKE IT people!

We are looking out for sponsors too. So if any of you could suggest/ sponsor, do let me know. My e-mail:

Now, cancel all appointments for the day and be there! :)


Kaps said...

you should approach book stores like Landmark for sponsorship.

Woodooz said...

I wrote a mail regarding this sometime back. Just wondering if you received it :o)

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