July 10, 2005

Music, thy name is mellifluous!

This is one topic, I’ve shied away from describing till date. Maybe, I can’t do full justice; maybe I’ll end up feeling it was a lousy piece; maybe the readers would wish I never wrote about it- these thoughts have hindered me so far.

Now, listening to music full blast in the earphone, I somehow seem to have dismissed those nagging doubts. And hopefully, this must be, what I want it to be!

Music has been something I always turn to when people and other thing in this world fail me, turn against me or make me feel left out. It has not only been my companion during those terrible moments of loneliness but also during all those times when I strongly suspect I have wings and if only I find that magic key, I could just fly fly fly…

Music has been to me what nothing or no one in this world, save books! When working on the computer-Music. When drafting those endless sheets- music. Before sleeping- Music plugged into my ear, playing full blast, taking me on a high!

“Zindagi le ke aayi hain,
beete din ke kitaab
ghere hain ab hame
yaadein behisaab
bina pooche
mile mujhe
kitne saare javab
chaaha tha kya
paaya tha kya
humne, dekhiye
dil main magar jalte rahe
chahath ke diye
Tere liye tere liye”

Well, an unexplained wave of calmness, bliss and love washes me over every single time a song that I like plays…

Emotional satisfaction, mental calm- oh music gives me all! Rahman has been my panacea for long.His music has layers of music .Smooth flowing notes… one after another, blending seamlessly into one… the slow soft rhythms providing the balm to all the pains and pangs! Every single note. Every single curve and kink in the music, those beautiful keyboard flourishes, those strumming of the guitar, the brilliant saxophone compositions in Duet, the myriad tunes spring from the many instruments merging in Taal- oh I could go on and on… His ‘fanaa’ is the only song that could make me feel drunk… ah, I go mad…. His hummingin ‘Sanda Kozhi’. His simple composition in ‘Ay Ajnabi’ (Dil Se) and the brilliance of Kismat Se tum(my two most favourite songs in Hindi)- he’s a living genius!
Ilayaraja too, with his masterful melodies and soothing music. Pani vizhum mudalvanam(Ninaivellam Nithya), Illaya Nilaa(one of my most favourite songs!), Thendralvanthu ennai thodum, Oliyile therivadhu Devathaiya(one most favourite song… Karthik’s one of the best!), Unnavida(Virumandi-I listened to it once at one in the night and experienced ultimate bliss, a contentment for just being where I was, listening; at peace with myself and with the world…) and lots lots more. Kal ho naa ho has been my savior every time I’ve had a headache or need to rest my aching bones after hard work! Not one jarring note. Simple and super- I love Shankar-Ehsan-Loy!
Voices of Sonu Nigam(I worship him), Karthik(him too! Damn, he rocks), S.P.Balasubramaniam(King of all, my all-time hot favourite! The most youthful voice and most down-to-earth person. Any song he sings, I’ll love it!), Hariharan(clear and powerful, One voice that could make us feel all kinds of emotions, Shankar Mahadevan(clear and commanding. The other voice that could make us feel all kinds of emotions), Rahman himself(wow! Just wow… do not want to spoil it by tryig to attach tags!) ,KK(Tadap Tadap…ah! He’s damn good!) ,Yesudas(all time favourite. I respect him lot), Tipu( Wonderful command!)Alka(emotions create ripples in her voice that I so can feel!), Kavitha(kaahe chhed chhed mohe-Devdas, my god she’s brilliant!), Swarnalatha(Hay Rama! ), Chithra(Queen of singing!), Shreya Ghosal(melting and silver smooth!), Sunidhi(powerful), Chinmayi(Oru Deivam Thabda Poove-Brilliant! And the title song of Paadhaigal- a serial on Podhigai) and lot lot more.

I wasn’t born in the age of TMS, PBS, Janaki, Vani Jayaram and Susheela. The songs I’ve heard of them, I like. Janaki is personally notmy great favourite. I personally find her voice a little Nasal. Ditto for Kumar Sanu! But few of the songs that they’ve sung are dear to me!
Harini too is not my personal favourite. She sometimes irritates me with her sweetness! But a few of her songs, I totally love and admire her talent!

Music is so so relaxing and makes me live gain and again my single life. No end to your magic…no bounadaries to your powers… Ah music, thy name is mellifluous! The slow modulations, the quivering of the voice, the tembling feeling, the mad joy- oh oh… Play on and on…


Vinesh said...

Good music is like good food!
If there's a pinch of salt in excess - can't eat it! Lots of oil - tasty, but not good for health.

It is good you are very choosy about the music you listen to (you listed some fantastic songs in your list!)

Unfortunately many are accepting any crap in the name of music, which is why it is very difficult to pick the good songs from new movies..

Harish said...

listen to Vellai Pookal when u're in a reflective mood.

jus promise me u wont cry :)

Anonymous said...

good 2 know u r an spb fan. have u heard unheard of gems like 'romba naalaaga' and 'mazhaiye mazhaiye'?

ioiio said...

harini irritates u :D

Infact Nila kaaigirathu is one of my all time favorites :)

Vivhyd said...

I guess I am in sync with exactly what u mean here.. scary what world would be without music...

music is one of our best friends.. which keeps our company thru happy and sad times...

well said..

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Nice post,
felt nice reading it.
music is a celebration of life, with out which life is not full....


neoronin said...

Good post on music. But somehow i feel that lately your way with words is not upto your usual standards.

Murali said...

hey naanum un views share panrein on moosic...
Kadupetharavange kittendhu ..semma relief pa...
Same pinch!!!

n BTW athu enna "vellai pookal
" everyone is talkn abt???

krishna said...

Good Music ,without doubt , is a source of incessant joy but y is your focus mainly on music from the sub-continent especially filmi songs.

If u really are that passionate about music, give a shot at all kinds of good music letting go of language ,culture and the form of music . Well,This is just a thotful suggestion :)


Vani Viswanathan said...

first, Optimist, 'vellai pookal' is from the movie Kannathil Muthamittal by A.R.Rahman.
Sandhya.....really nice list...though i feel you have left out a few of the olden songs...try listening to them...they are awesome! and by any chance, have you heard songs from "ninaithaale inikkum"? m.s.v is awesome!!
and Rahman....i'm going to build a temple for him.....his music is with me in all my sad, bad and happy moments of life.
and harish, really true....that one song can make the stone hearted me cry too!!!

Rakesh said...

hey how come u have left some of the angrazi songs yaar, there are really lot of good stuff in english too. like try listening to santana, blue, etc.

On anyday Rahman would be the best choice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Rahman is a musical genius. Do i even need to state that?
You know, I love the way you play with words..
I can see that you like JKR. Did you read the sixth novel? I am waiting for a friend to borrow from.

Anonymous said...

enna romba naala pudhu article-a kaanom?

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

Rakesh-I don't listen to English music. Never exposed to anything but BSB! :)
But i do like- Leaving on a jet plane, Buz Leurman's Sunscreen(lovely lyrics!) and a few others tht my frenz introduced me to.

Vellai pookal made me cry. Its a very very beautiful and touching song... Cha, i spoiled the effect by using words here. Vans and Har- look at me cry wen i lisn to it!

* No haven't listened to those songs. Which movies?

ioiio- I LOVEnila kaygirath. Read carefully-She irritates me but still i end up liking most of her songs!

vivhyd,vijay, vinesh- to the three V's- Thanks!

neoronin- well let's see if i'm back to my creative best after this ooty trip!

optimist- vans has an answer. u tke care and take rest...

Vans- I'll build that temple :)

Krishna- I'm open to any music that appeals tomy senses. Just that I've not had a great exposure to good books and good music tho i'm passionate abt both!

Aarthi- I'm a total JKR fan. I've already read the 6th book. Loved it! tho sad, its amazingly written. DON'T MISS!!! :)

krishna said...

sandhya ..u might want to check out my blog..got some interesting stuff about music..

Anonymous said...


A Superb Interview with SPB:

post some SPB hits ur dad liked :)

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