July 06, 2005


It does take all kinds of people to make the world, I agree, but there are some so so mindless and dumb, that they seem to infuriate me more, much much more than goody-goody people (Please refer to my older post)

If you have seen the latest TIGER BALM ad, you’d know…there’s this woman who’s hanging her wash on the clothes line. One of her dupattas falls off and she jumps after it (sick!!!). Madam wonderful catches hold of a television cable and jumps from one corner to another. But before our dear-Ms-Dupatta-lover-Bahujaan can catch the oh-so-precious dupatta, her dear, darling Sasurji catches it for her, coming to the rescue all thanks to the TV cables, again (makers, pl let me know which cable you used… Will come to help sometime…).
Our bahujaan immediately wraps the dupatta around her head and says-“mama ji” in the most respectful tone… Ah… kyaa maryaadha…kyaa commitment, yaar!!! Aise logon ko tho aqward milna chahiye! All thanks to TIGER BALM!!!

Crap! Mega fools! What the hell were the makers thinking, when the conceived this idea? This is ridiculous!

In an age where creativity is what is appreciated, originality lauded and intelligence admired, such stupidity can JUST NOT BE TOLERATED, by me. Personally I’ve loved advertisement from when I was young and have greatly admired many an ad!

Creativity need not be shown by being different, but idiotically so! And standing out of the crowd need not mean you need to go ‘out of the way’ (pun intended) in working it out! In all the world’s greatly scripted masterpieces, in any field that you may choose, it’s not the dramatic, but the simple, yet beautiful things that are featured. With Elegance, style and simplistic-contemporary style, you can make an impact, trigger a thought process, make a difference and affect the thinking\outlook\ opinion. A lot can be conveyed in two deft strokes, that can’t be through repeated brushwork!

Dunno, if these people will ever realize it. At the same time the new Parachute (I think) ad where the Ad-maker has beautifully captured the joy of the kid when she finds that she saves three rupees due to the new offer. Brilliant, smart, simple… Touches your heart…
So many more ads have been fantastic… Will do a post on them soon…


Vinesh said...

Haha Sandhya!
I saw that ad and had the same reaction on my face. Not too angry (maybe cos im a guy, hehe) but I thought it was extremely silly too!

Appo what will you do if you see the Fair&Lovely ads where girls won't get married if they don't use the cream and become "white" in complexion LOLZ!

Vinesh said...

Hey your blog is totally "my kind of blog". Thanks for letting me know abt it on my blog.

Blogrollings pannikklaama?

Anonymous said...

I agree. The tiger balm was definitely stupid. I have no idea why ad-creators make such ads. Maybe it's to catch our attention. If so.. then they are doing a pretty good job. But it's totally pointless.
Parachute ad? I have yet to see it. But the Indica advertisement always makes me laugh. Indica's ads are usually good. Either funny with the 'Katrina proposed to me yesterday.. Boom!' .. or do you remember the romantic couple out on a night setting? The guy pulls out the table, chair from the back of his car.
Even the new 'Mutual' funds ad is pretty good, if you ask me. Very witty with remarks..
Ah well, I would list more but I can't remember them strangely.

In any case, just wanted to say 'hi'. I have been visiting your blog lately and it's really nice to meet (or read?!) an insightful person like you, Sandhya.

Will comment soon.

Harish said...

sorry ma.. me that ad no see..

paarthuttu comment-araen :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a `TV watcher`.., but now this gives me additional reason not to switch on the stupid box.. :)

Vani Viswanathan said...

airtel ads have been my fav., topping them would be the one where Rahman appears. but one of the last few airtel ads where this guy goes about saying "cha line pogamaatengudu" and trying to call from a public phone where a woman is busy discussing a serial...height of stupidity. and as vinesh says, those fairness ads are so irritating i'm gonna launch a campaign against them when i'm in this industry!
the Indica V2 ad is good, too...you might've watched it....ads like these and airtel so cutely drive the point home....it's time we make more like these!

Vivhyd said...

A guess... ad creativity has gone up and down in phases.. sometimes.. people just want to promote their product and don't really care how they do it..

. but believe me Sandhya.. u shd see ads in US... most of them are ridiculous.. so much that we long to see the ads we used to watch on TV back in India..

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