July 24, 2005


I know all of you must be wondering if The Dreamy Dryad’s dream factory’s in a state of disuse. The answer is no- I’ve been fine, healthy and dreaming, thank you! But as always, as it happens, my modem’s been waging a war against me!

Having been the lone warrior to save my precious files from the menacing computer, I’ve somehow, with great difficulty, managed to keep it going, even in my father’s absence. Enter father and somehow it stops working, erasing proof of my genius!

Well, as they say genius isn’t discovered soon, we shall let that pass.

I just came back after a nice trip to Ooty to re-establish that unknown understanding that nature and I have. Two days in Ooty and I decided I’ve never seen more of a beautiful place in my life with Kodaikkanal being the most charming!

We went on two guided tours and in that toy train. People, if you are the kind who finds beauty in every nook and cranny-guided tours are not for you. My heart ached to stop at a few pretty places where fog, as thick as a jeep, hung as a benediction over the valleys. All we could see was an unending stretch of white… ah if ever there was a heaven-this was it.

After taking 109 snaps, I still am left insatiated! If only every blink of the eye could capture a photograph for fond memories in later years… oh, but I’m wishing for too much! I’ll put them up soon...

Remember to go to Ooty with people who think, feel, dream and talk like you. That’s when your heart, soul and mind shall find fulfillment. Thank God for my sister Swetha. If not for the kindred spirit in her, I would have felt a trifle stifled!

Beauty- almost unpolluted was up for viewing there. Open your eyes and about you is framed the greenest of green trees stretching over little mountains and valleys with tiny ‘fairy-tale’ houses dotting its paths. Never has any mountainscape appealed to my senses so much after Kodaikkanal.

Ooty’s beauty lies in its un-industrialized virginity. I never can forget that single moment on our climb back from Pykara Falls. A rain- little more than drizzle- falling… a green backdrop being provided by the lush mountains… tall pine trees dotting the banks… the river below facing the trumpeting army of the rain drops.. the winding path upwards-slippery yet beautiful… a chill wind daring to freeze the very marrow. Ah! I felt a spiritual and intellectual high! I’ve one really good photograph of this. I’ll try scanning it and then, thy shall be assured of my amazing photographic skills!

Ooty is one place where you should take your best friend, rent a cottage, cook up steaming hot indigestible things, stuff your mouths with chocolates and go on long cycle rides across the meandering lanes. A place to cuddle together with steaming cups of cocoa/coffee/masala tea and talk girly gossip or exchange confidences. A place to sit beside a warm fireplace and speak in the tones of silence. A place to dance in the rain, let little paper boats across the puddles, save a pup, hug your jerkin and walk in rapid strides with wisps of smoke coming out of your mouth. A place where you sit by the window, looking out at that distant smoking chimney and weave up tales. A place where you languidly lie in the grass and get up to find a pair of handsome eyes admiring you and despite the chill, your cheeks go deep red. A place where you sit, do nothing and still find divine contentment! A fairy tale of a place that has smitten me!

Back then we went to Coimbatore and had two great days with the first night being spent in the extremely jolly company of my li’l cousins.
Next evening, went on a bike ride with my uncle, him driving at 80 kms/hr on his Splenour.Me-laughing hysterically at the back, looking up, looking down, feeling the wind whipping my face, spotting a peacock, going close to Marudhamalai, returning in great speed- all I could say after a few moments of speechless wonder was-WOW!!!
I so loved the brutal speed. I so loved the energy and vigor with which he drove…. Ah… I LOVE BIKES!!!!!!! AND BIKE-RIDES!

Now, back to dear ol’ home with its familiar spots and same cozy nooks where I cuddle up with a book or get lost in some music… Well, great to be back were my loving home opens its arms wide, the train sounds notwithstanding!
As one of my favouite Ilayaraja number goes,

“Sorgame endralum… Adhu nam oorai polaguma?
Adhu en naadu endralum, Adhu nam naatukku eed aguma?”


Harish said...

welcome back :)

Rakesh said...

welcome to chennai

Pappy said...

You are living in sin!

Mackin with Pappy

Vinesh said...

Spending time in such a lush environment usually makes me feel bad about returning home. Ennadhan sorgam enraalum...:-)

krishna said...

wud like to make a small correction Sorgamey endrallum athu namma VOOTA pola varuma..:)

btw..like ur narration of nature and how its supposed to be enjoyed..

Anonymous said...

why dont u post atleast a few of those 109 pics? i'd like to see them listening to "sorgame endralum" song(i grew up 1 hr from ooty)

Anonymous said...

"Enter father and somehow it stops working, erasing proof of my genius!"
I know how you feel. Everytime my father touches my PC, all I can do is wince as it crashes in the next fifteen minutes.
You seem to have had an enlightening experience in Ooty. Your words painted these lush pictures in my mind, that I can't seem to forget. Now, I feel like going there.. Sigh. If only I could find someone to go with..
I grew up in a place close to Benaras. Used to enjoy winters because of the cold shivers running through the spine. A hot cup of cocoa and a cuddle in the blanket.. and I will be long lost in heaven.
After coming to Chennai and feeling the blistering heat, I really want to go back. Atleast it's raining a bit now. Touchwood.
Yes, home is the place to be. But I am glad that you enjoyed your vacation. I was worried over your sudden disappearance.
Ah, you read the sixth one? Poor ol' me is still in need of a friend to borrow the book from.
Do post a picture or two for this illiterate tourist.
If you ever get the chance, listen to Coldplay. Their music is heart-wrenching and gets stuck in your mind if you listen to it. Take care.

Vani Viswanathan said...

ah! chennai maadiri varuma? :)
finished hp6. did you get down and walk along the toy train? :P heard it's a lot of fun!

abberanti said...

what's the Indian Dream? Nice blog, nice thoughts. Do visit mine - deviance -http://abberanti.blogspot.com

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

harish,rakesh... Tanks1 :)

Pappy- Chennai Rocks! I love its heat! i know u thik i'm a psycho to be declaringthat. :D

Vinesh- ha u captured the right words! Danku Danku!!!:)

Krishna- thanks for the compliment. And that was true- Voota pola engayum varathu!!!esp Bathroom! ;)

*- will do so! u still haven't told me who u are...

aarthi- try L.M.Montgomery's Anne books. They are the best in the world! And do tell me how you like them.

vans- Jo's there! COOL! And no I sadly din get don from de train! :(
did ya like HP 6?

abberanti- Thanks! Did visit ur blog!

krishna said...


Anonymous said...

dont worry abt me, i'm just an anonymous lizard on the wall :)

did u gave the 2 songs a listen?

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