June 02, 2005


The other day, I went for a walk in the terrace and lost my old self there…
I had gone to lock the terrace, not planning to stay there for more than twenty seconds. But as I was about to shut the door close, a gust of wind blew and pushed me out into the open, as if, asking me to stay. I did…
I took a walk… No one around… all the skies, the stars and the heavens beyond were all in one staggering silence, waiting for me to utter my first word…
“Hi” I silently murmured, long since forgotten the art of talking to ‘em people above; having been long since I had had a ‘silent tryst’ with them…
“Hi” they sweetly echoed in unison.
We began… after ages, our beautiful talk… one where we opened our souls to each other and applied the sweet balm of love. There was a fragrance that enriched our every word. A long lost friend found back… A simple pleasure of talking freely and happily, without any inhibition, any second thoughts about what the world would think. A deep trust… knowing that it won’t be betrayed…
I was so heart glad about being alive…to feel the breeze playing with my hair, to see the million stars winking at me from the ether world above.
I am a fragment of the divine- an infinitesimal fragment… but oh what joy to be part of it! A tranquility of being able to feel the joy of living! What are we here for? To be cheerful, happy and spread the word that being happy is simple and easy! This mask we wear in the form of this body- is just a medium to commune with other such souls, in search of happiness. Drink in the spirit of pure ecstasy… the eternal cup is all around… just that the smoke of all the bad in this world, clouds our eye! Be happy, dear soul… and make joy contagious!
I felt so whole…as I’ve never felt before. Such an unknown, unbounded joy it was to just be alone, silent and talking to the wedges of the Lord’s creation twinkling in the sky. But oh… was I silent? Are we really silent when we are quiet? Silence is such a mirage- aren’t a million thoughts running through our mind? Aren’t we conversing brilliantly to ourselves? Then how is it SILENCE?
And have you ever wondered how wherever we go, whoever be/ be not with us, the sky, stars, sun and moon are always there? Silently telling us… we are always there for you. Don’t muddle yourself up… don’t worry. Life’s a joy… A brilliant note of music. Just open your mouth and sing… mellifluous music will flow…
Be happy people… ‘Cause it is so much more easier…
All the world’s at my feet and all the joy is mine!!! :D

Sitting in idleness
Sometimes, I feel
This life- in retrospection-
A mixed bag has been.

Eighteen years-
Not long, nay!
Too short a span,
To judge, maybe.

Nevertheless, as I look back
A few moments, good and bad
Come alive, for seconds few,
Rewind and play again, I do!

Funny- this way I live again,
The dread, the glory; the joy, the pain.
I feel the myriad feels, I felt ago,
As if they happened now, just so!

Flash back seems so nice a way,
To go back to the past, from today.
Then stop, forward, on I go,
Dream away on future in tow.

This life- a journey of joy and pain,
A lesson- once taught, never again.
This birth- a disguise in offer,
To learn about life, before the coffer*.
This body- a form giving refuge
To the spirit from a grieving deluge.
This soul- a mysterious entrapment,
A perennial question, a divine fragment.
This mind- an unfathomable expanse,
A practical figment, an intellectual dance.

This life- a miracle, a journey onwards,
A lesson once taught, a victory cornered.

Eighteen summers gone, eighteen autumns seen,
Years waiting to come- a surging dream.
The wishes, the thoughts, the heartbeats, the desire,
The unquenched glory, the passionate fire.
Waiting for their dawn to come their way,
Waiting for life to unfold each day!

* I’ve used the word coffer here as I believe the coffin is like a treasure chest, taking the remnant of what we associate as our dear one…


Harish said...

exam-ku padikaama poem poem-a ezhudhi thallu!

karthik narayan said...

hi, am a blogger too. but a journalist blogger. love sudish kamath as well. am from chennai, and aged 23. like to be friends? ur poems are awesome to say the least. ull make a swell jurno.

Anonymous said...

really cool writeup...few thoughts mine in sync with urs....

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