June 28, 2005


A refreshing movie… comes in like a breeze, reminds you of many a movie…and yet leaves you wholly entertained, happy and smiling. Well, that’s what a movie is supposed to do and well, Ullam Kettkume (originally PEPSI) from the minds of Jeeva, definitely is one rocking youthful entertainer.

Priya (Laila)
Emaan (Arya)
Pooja (Asin-actual debut)
Irene(Pooja- actual debut)

PEPSI! Dunno why they left poor Paarthu! Together they are this close-knit bunch of collegers, who well, supposedly study in a college with swanky exteriors and up-scale interiors… From mallipoos to modern- you find all kinds of students here and they all quite gel well.

Priya- her only ambition is to keep Shaam happy. She does everything to please him,from going to the ‘kallu kadai’( rural wine shop) to waiting late in the night in the cold to ask sorry. She pines for him. But he- well the usual- “She’s only my best friend ya” types!
Shaam inturn is head-over-heels with middle-class Brahmin girl- Pooja. Steeped in culture, Practical and simple- that’s Pooja and Shaam falls for her, only to realise that Pooja keeps family in a higher pedestal than love.

The other parallel love story is that of Emman and Irene. Man, their chemistry is tooo good. If eyes could talk, theirs definitely do! A wonderful portrayal by the two.

Shaam simply stumped me by his charms and his underplay- especially in the last scene. Man, he’s too good(every which way. ;) Drool! Drool!!!)

Laila is cute, bubbly, enthu and crazy. She’ssimply brilliant in this movie. And well, her characterin this movie, according to a couple of my friends is supposed to have shades of me… Ahem Ahem!!! Is it any indication of my stupidity or praise of my loyalty, I dunno!
; )

Asin is good and Parthu is fantastic.

The movie is a must watch for its brilliant essay( though with lots of influence from Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and other college flicks!), excellent depth in characterization, good music, choreography(especially Mazhai mazhai…) and for Shaam and MOST importantly Laila…

A refreshing movie that makes you go- “Ullam Kettkume- More!”


Harish said...

enakku Buttermil Allergy.

sathyama andha last line enakku thonaadhu! :)

Harish said...

ugh! Buttermilk*

Grey Vampire said...

Dei harish...I dunno how u endure madras heat without butter milk.....U can go for water melon Soos though...but too costly to be consumed four times a day...I consume butter milk thrice a day....

@dreaming on
U review...me reeadu...

Vani Viswanathan said...

enna ya..movie paathu byangra impressed-aa?

lavsubbu said...

enna ...yellarum indha padathukku, super super-a review ezhudhareenga...guess i have to definitely watch it!

Villain said...

hmm did u also realise that it is quite a neat copy of kuch kuch hota hai in some instances...

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